Scene of NL Contest 2018

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Placentia.Wendy Leonard
Mary's Harbour.James Jones
Cape Spear.Brandon Farrell
Kings Cove.Jennifer Brushett
Gros Morne.Ronnie Kinnie
Badger's Quay Judy Osmond
Old Perlican.Rebecca Brookings
Corner Brook.Krista Pauley
King's Point.Kaitlin Budgell
Botwood.Kendall Dempster
Woman Cove.Sherri Park
Octagon Pond.Valerie Corcoran
St Lawrence.Lucas Kelly
Port-au-Port Peninsula.Amanda Cornect
Arnolds Cove.Rose Upshall
Topsail Bach.Neville Webb
Port Aux Basques.Calvin Musseau
Cape Spear.Darlene Bennett
Cavendish.Elaine Strong
Bannerman Park.Mike Kenny
Argentia.Wendy Leonard
Tors Cove.Charlene Power
Ferryland.Barbara Morgan
Signal Hill.Mike Allen
Bowring Park.Neville Webb
Ferryland.Kaeleigh Fitzgerald
Joe Batt's Arm.Susan Osmond
Ochre Pit Cove.Rick Kelland
Bonne Bay.Gros Morne.Garrett Hunt
Litttle Bay Islands.Dan Rumbolt
Point Lemington.Kendall Dempster