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Remembering and Honouring Nan

Holiday treats are made even more sweet when they are accompanied by special memories. Enjoy Peggy’s Shortbread recipe and the treasured tale that goes with it.

Amanda’s Marshmallow World

Amanda Mews shares her Nan Burt’s special recipe. So many treasured memories accompany her late grandmother’s recipe, a kitchen tradition she and her mother are proud to carry on and share with ‘Herald’ readers.

Pretty in Pink! 

‘The Herald’s’ Matriarch, Judy Stirling, shares one of her special macaroon recipes, one that will have guests smiling from the inside out at this delightful tasting, and looking, edible delight! 

Feed-the-Bunch and Smile!

The former Mayor of the City of St. John’s shares her recipe, and her delightful sense of humour, in this adorable from-the-archives recipe for Feed-the-Bunch Chili. 

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