2019 – The Year in Quotes

Of the thousands of quotes from the hundreds of interviews over the past year of Herald content, these select few stand a cut above. Take a look back in the fantastic year that was 2019 with a selection of our favourite, stand out quotes


“We have the ability to be bold and not be bold. Really, what do we have to lose … I just think there’s a lot of power in asking.” 

— Kellie Loder (Mar 3-9)

“I try my best not to punch down, but to punch up … I try to find the humour in positivity as opposed to negativity.” 

— Ryan Dillon (Feb 24-Mar2)

“It’s the greatest love story you’ll ever know. You carry all of the hard stuff because nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to the good stuff.” 

—Sarah Jane Sheppard (May 12-18)

“Sport not only mirrors life, it augments it. If you want something bad enough, sweat for it. If you’re dealt adversity, face it. Not all victories show up on the score sheet.” 

— Mark Dwyer (Feb 3-9)

“Music can be a big part of your life. It can be an extremely important of your life in that, if you have music, you’ll never be
without a friend.” 

— Fergus O’Byrne (Mar 17-23)

“I’ve always said that Newfoundland is the greatest gift I could have gotten as a writer because it’s the most interesting place I’ve ever been really in terms of the extremes here.” 

— Michael Crummey (Oct 13-19)

“I think everyone has complicated feelings about St. John’s and Newfoundland … people almost know more about us than we know ourselves.” 

— Emily Bridger (Mar 10-16)

“What I always try to take from Newfoundland is that things don’t matter, possessions don’t matter, what does matter are the times you spend with friends and family. That is the measure of a successful life.”

 — Dr. Nikhil Joshi (Sep 8-14)

“Just because there’s artificial borders that separate us doesn’t mean that we don’t have some degree of responsibility to those in need around the world.” 

— Dr. Andrew Furey (Aug 25 – 31

“It’s not just about my illness or it’s not just about my gender or sexual identity, but the combination of those and saying this is all of me. And therefore there is space for there to be all of you.” 

— Taylor Stocks (Sep 22-28)

“This is the place where my heart shines. I know I’ll still always be a come from away, but Newfoundland is home to me.”

— Rozalind MacPhail (Aug 11-17)


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