38th Annual Mount Pearl Frosty Festival

No matter age or location, Mount Pearl’s annual Frosty Festival (February 5th to the 16th)encourages everyone to get out and enjoy a winter wonderland


Women of Rock proudly kicked off the 38th annual Mount Pearl Frosty Festival at their pre-festival launch. In fine rockin’ style, OZFM’s Stephanie O’Brien hit all the high notes, even as she nursed a cold. O’Brien, never one to miss an opportunity to affectionately mock her Morning Jam DJ sidekick too, while she’s at it, teasingly re-dressed Randy Snow so he appeared ‘‘more cool.’’

NTV’s Sharon Snow is once again an enthusiastic Frosty Festival host. ‘‘This is my community, and I’m so very proud to host Frosty once again this year,’’ she begins with a smile. The Festival, in its 38th year, is testament to the support they receive, she adds. 

‘‘Over 30 Community Organizations, 60 Sponsors and all three levels of government make sure this festival has something for everyone. With over 80 events over 12 days, this is an amazingly fun time.’’

Frosty Rocks!

The events, which run from February 5th-16th, has a fun show planned on February 7th at the Glacier Arena. Their MUNN Insurance presents JAM’Min Through the Decades featuring Women of Rock & Friends is going to be amazing if the launch preview provides any clues.

‘‘I love that we’re involved,’’ says an almost breathless Stephanie O’Brien after her performance, adding, “it’s something I’m proud to be part of.’’  

Snow smiles, asking playfully, ‘‘What’s not to love? I love hosting, and living in the community of Mount Pearl, I feel an affinity for the festival and I can speak firsthand of how important it is for the community to come together. It’s just a natural extension for me to be a part of things through my work at NTV and living there.’’

500+ volunteers!

Being a part of the fun year after year, Snow has seen the festival’s growth first hand over the past 38 years.

‘‘Everyone seems to really embrace the Frosty Festival, and 500 volunteers-plus is testament to that. Think about that. That’s the size of some rural communities. So, when you put it in that perspective, 500-plus volunteers come together and make magic happen.’’

Robert Hayes is this year’s Chairperson and Rene Pendergast is vice-chair. They both say this year is particularly exciting. ‘‘We’ve got so many events planned and there’s something for everybody in the community, and in the entire region. So we’re just anxious to get it started,’’ says a thrilled Hayes. 

The support, according to Pendergast, is ‘‘off the charts.’’ ‘‘We would not be in our 38th year without our community groups. And that represents all ages. We have free events, at some we are looking for a non-perishable food item to be donated to help the less fortunate in our community. And we have something planned with the Festival for all ages, from infants to 100 year olds. And that’s what we like to see. It’s all about inclusion. It’s all about coming together as a community,’’ she says.

 Some of this year’s volunteers, Hayes shares, grew up with Frosty. ‘‘When you grow up here, you know what Frosty is about. Your parents brought you along, your grandparents volunteered, your school was involved. It becomes natural to be engaged,’’ says Hayes. 

‘My favourite things’

 While Snow says she’s excited to hear more from Women of Rock, she always enjoys the Princess and Pirate’s Breakfast, admitting she has her tiara ready. 

‘‘Families come out, bring the kids and they all get in their costume. I’ve attend the last number of years, so that’s always a lot of fun and is one of my favorite things.’’

For Hayes and Pendergast, they are grateful that the word is spreading about Frosty and the fun to be had.

‘‘We extend an invite to the entire province. Come, enjoy, take in the festivities,’’ says Pendergast. Hayes smiles. 

‘‘We’d like to get the word out that this is all about having fun, and it’s all about coming together here during Frosty Festival.’’

For more, visit frostyfestival.ca

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