A stay at ‘Mom’s Place’

Bob and Brenda Lee make visitors feel like one of the family at Mom’s Place, built in memory of the late Margaret Penney who always loved company 


The Lee family make staycationers feel like family at Mom’s Place, and with the background behind the adorable Airbnb, it’s little wonder. 

Loving memory

Brenda and Bob Lee welcomed us warmly when we arrived in Mobile and begin sharing the story of Brenda’s mom, the late Margaret Penney. “Mom was suppose to move in, so we decided to create this space for her and convert the garage into this beautiful oasis that she could enjoy,” Brenda shared. With the wood purchased to begin the build once the weather improved, the family were shocked when Brenda’s mom passed away on April 8th, 2021. With her loving memory to inspire then, the couple finished their labour of love and, knowing hosting guests would thrill ‘Mom,’ the Airbnb opened on Aug. 9th.  

A Herald fan

“She would be so proud to know that we had The Herald stay here. Mom picked The Herald up every week and had to get it every Monday the second it came out. And she loved the Cookbook. She had to buy several copies to send to her sister in Toronto. It’s those things you remember,” Brenda shared. Mom’s place is a place to make any mother proud. Hot tub. Pet friendly. Clean. Luxurious jacuzzi tub. Vintage kitchen. Murphy bed. And in the summer? A pool to cool off in. The best part of Mom’s Place though is Brenda and Bob who make you feel like family. Bob took my nephew for a quad ride (yes! They visited the ‘Mobile goat’) and he also made toutons!  Bob also set us up at the fire pit for the evening, and when he realized we had forgotten marshmallows, Brenda was at the ready to save the day! 

Check out Mom’s Place in Mobile if you get a chance. You will feel right at home!  

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