A Welcomed Stereotype

By: Krystyn Decker

It’s not news that a video from the Toronto Pearson Airport went viral in the last two weeks or so, capturing a large group of people coming together for an impromptu kitchen party with accordions, guitars, and one very young singer taking the reins, after their flight to Newfoundland had been delayed.

I’ll be the first to admit I have no time for traditional Newfoundland music, the same as I have no time for country or heavy metal music. It’s just not my jam. However, I’ll also be the first to admit that the moral of the story when it comes to the video doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the music choice. There’s so many lessons to be learned from the viral video, and there’s no way you can watch it without your heart feeling a lil’ bit warm and fuzzy. Being from the mainland of Canada, a big city to be specific, it’s rare you see people come together spontaneously to celebrate – well, nothing.

Don’t Follow the Rules

First off, the video shows that Newfoundlanders don’t follow the rules of “don’t talk to strangers,” which is something that if we all followed, would probably result in the world being overall, a better place. I think we can all learn a little bit about friendliness from Newfoundlanders. I can guarantee you that the majority of the people in the video didn’t know each other, but that didn’t stop them from coming together and making the best out of a boring situation. What’s wrong with that?

The video received a little bit of backlash, and by a little bit, I mean from one person. I won’t name drop, but an article was written by a certain local editor, and it received some repercussion in itself. Understandably, so. The article points out that the video “perpetuates their own stereotypes.” I’m sorry but, is that a bad thing? Is it bad that Newfoundlanders are perpetuating the stereotype of being some of the friendliest people in the world, and being able to make an undesirable situation a little more desirable by making the most out of it and keeping a positive and uplifting attitude? 

Culture Alive and Well 

If I’ve learned anything more about Newfoundland during my last month and a half of residing here, it’s that the majority of people will treat you with the same amount of respect as someone they personally know. They are understanding and always trying to make the most out of life, while keeping their tight-knit culture alive and well. If we had a little more of this “stereotype” in other cultures, I guarantee the world would be a better place. Who knows, maybe then Trump wouldn’t be the president of the United States.

Let’s all take this video as a lesson of respect, friendliness and keeping a positive attitude towards life. After all, there’s nothing wrong with making the most out of every situation life throws at you.

One thought on “A Welcomed Stereotype

  1. Kevin
    December 22, 2017

    Well said by “ a come from away” as we say!
    We do what we have to do to keep our culture alive, it’s all we have left here on this Rock in the North Atlantic!
    Thanks for your kind words and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” Krystal!

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