Adrian House – Lookin’ Up

From upbeat dance pop to moody country influences, local singer-songwriter Adrian House dives deep into his latest album Lookin’ Up


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Local singer-songwriter Adrian House has never been one to rest on his laurels. House, who is the definition of an eclectic artist, having dabbled in soundscapes and genre-mixing that ranges from folk to country, rock and more, recently released his latest studio album Lookin’ Up, a record that has been charting and receiving critical praise nation-wide.

Love a Man

Longtime readers of The Newfoundland Herald might remember House for his 2016 record Love a Man, one this very publication called “expressive, honest and above all, impactful, in all of the ways that count.”

Boy isn’t that the truth, and nothing has changed in the four years between touching in with House on Lookin’ Up, a daring and diverse album with tracks that range from upbeat and downright infectious to melodic and reflective.

In our latest artist album deep dive, House delves into Lookin’ Up for rare insights and inspirations behind four of his favourite tracks. 

Changes is an upbeat, dancey pop song about riding out the ups and downs of life. Josh Ward did a killer bass line for this tune, and listen to Mara Pellerin’s lovely backing vocals at the end and into the fadeout.

Travellin’ On is a very fun and lively old time country song. A bunch of friends were in the room together recording it, and that energy comes through. The chorus is catchy and definitely a great tune for driving or road trips!  

Short Back & Sides is an older style of song that really tells a story, in this case about a special gal, her tiger, and a haircut in the rain. Really it’s about the crazy journey that we go on when we fall in love. I’m sure most of us can relate in some way! 

1951 is a slower, moodier tune to contrast with the upbeat feel of the rest. The song has a slow build and then ends with a nice harmonica section. Several people have told me it’s their favourite, and I’m glad I included it.

For more on Adrian House and Lookin’ Up visit and his official social medias.

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