ALBUM DEEP DIVE | Rachel Cousins – Aura

Rising pop star Rachel Cousins delves into her emotive third studio album Aura in the latest in our album deep dive series 

Growth. We adapt or we die, and for singer-songwriter Rachel Cousins, adaptation was the name of the game during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rising from promising artist to much in-demand pop-star-in-waiting, Cousins roars back onto the scene with her latest intimate collection of cuts.

Originally set to be completed in the fall of 2020, Cousins’ third studio album Aura is more than the sum of the parts of an artist who is barely scratching the surface of her potential.

But don’t let us tell you. Cousins sat down with The Herald for the latest in our album deep dive series for an in-depth study inside her latest must-listen collection, Aura. 

Hands On Me

Hands On Me is all about that spark and instant gratification you feel with someone from across the room. You want to dance with them, you want to touch them and feel their vibe. Maybe you’re feeling nervous or hesitant, but that vibe is there and you want to act on it.

Don’t Look At Me

This song is all about the after breakup feeling. Feeling like that person is everywhere in your life and you’re still seeing them in everyone and everything, but you know you’re irrelevant to them at this point and that’s what’s most painful.

This Way

This Way is about finally having that love that you’ve been looking for and finally getting what you deserve. Doing things that you’ve always wanted to do with your significant other, and fulfilling the needs you’ve always had after having your heartbroken.

For Myself

You finally acknowledge what you need as a person, but you’re willing to give it to yourself. You’re so independent and confident and you know that you’re capable of giving yourself the love you’ve always given to other people.


This song is about the feeling after almost losing your person. You only wish you could go back before the aftermath of a fight and go back to the way things were.


I wrote this song during COVID, when all I wanted was for my person to be with me. Having somebody that feels like home is something very rare and something to be valued, and that’s exactly why I wrote this song.

Love Language

I wrote Love Language about that need to have somebody that understands what you want and stand for in a relationship. Understanding that you don’t require materialistic things and that you simply need somebody to understand your love language whether that be physically or emotionally.

If You Stay

If You Stay is like a love letter to my future lovers. Letting them know that I do have a lot to say and that there’s so much to understand about me, as long as you stay long enough to really get to know me.

Summer Lovin

This song is super fun and I wrote it about falling in love in the summer and what that feels like. Everyday is so fun and spontaneous.

For more on Rachel Cousins visit her official website and her official artist social medias.

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