Allagash Drop Cryptic Visions this Friday

Local metallers Allagash are set to drop their new album Cryptic Visions on July 26th at Bar None in St. John’s. Guests include fellow shredders Emblem and Dark Era.

We caught up with the band ahead of the showcase to discuss the new album, lineup shakeups and keeping an eye to the sky.


Q: Take us through the concept behind Cryptic Visions. Where were your minds when you were putting this thing together? I’d imagine looking to the sky?

Cryptic Visions is within the same realm of our last few releases but with a focus on us as a struggling race. Visits from other worldly beings showing us visions of our evolution. Between threats of nuclear war, our ever fading privacy and a blind sense of safety, Cryptic Visions tries to show a glimpse of this.

Q: The album art suggests an ancient meeting between otherworldly beings and primitive humans. Talk us through that and the message or meaning behind the album art.

The album cover is showing us as the primitive people we are with a glimpse into the bigger picture of our place within this universe.

Q: When last we spoke about the heavy metal scene in Newfoundland and Labrador in the winter of 2016, it was discussed that it seemed to be nearing a high point. What’s your take three years later? How do you assess the eb and flow of the heavy metal scene and Allagash’s involvement here?

The local scene has a small but dedicated following. Metal has never been popular here, more people tend to flock to traditional Newfoundland music. It would seem that many people like music that you can sing along and dance with. That’s not what we like. We are the 1 per cent.

Q: Cryptic Visions sees the entrance of The Harvester, while also signalling the departure of Hawk Emblem. How has that transition been with new members fitting into the Allagash vision, from the original three piece, to where you were in 2016, 2018 and now today. 

Like most bands we have seen lineup changes. Hawk Emblem has entered a parallel universe to continue on another timeline. We are happy to support his alternate reality, and we welcome and are excited to have abducted The Harvester. 

Q: Describe the progress of the band from your self titled, through Canadian Encounters and now with Cryptic Visions. What do you see as being some of the biggest changes? Sonically or even thematically for the group?

Our first record I think was more rough and raw, we wrote it in one day and recorded it very quickly. We got it out and pressed it to vinyl and it sold out right away. Canadian Encounters took a little longer to prepare, as we refined our technology. But with Cryptic Visions, we used specialized dilithium crystals to generate micro-sonic energy, reversing the terrestrial poles and shifting our cosmic sound-scape into a new reality. 

Q: Allagash performances tend to feel like a special attraction, since you guys are selective with your live showcases. Is that by design? And do you intend to perform more post-album release?

Yes, in general we have many planets we are working to conquer and enslave, so we can only dedicate limited time and resources to the feeble race at this desolate location. Indeed, we appear only when it suits our agenda. Our next invasion will be July 27th, at Bar None. 

Q: From politics to the ills of the web and social media, and of course the unknown, there’s a lot to digest on this record. What do you think are some of the biggest takeaways? What do you want Cryptic Visions to say?

The people of earth need to heed our warning. Total destruction is eminent. They must change their course, or they will fall victim to themselves

The event begins at 10pm. $10 at the door or $15, which includes a copy of Cryptic Visions


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