Allan Hawco talks The Child Remains

Fans of NL’s own Allan Hawco, get ready. You’ve never seen him like this.

Psychological horror film The Child Remains is set to hit theatres in St. John’s tomorrow, with Hawco starring alongside Cannes Best Actress award winner Suzanne Clement. It’s dark, dastardly, and deliciously fun, and a true departure for the actor known for his loveable leads.

“It was fun. It was a real interesting process, because the character goes through seven different stages. I don’t mean literally seven, but a bunch,” Hawco tells The Herald. “It felt like a really interesting challenge you could take on where you could play with very different sides of a person. 

“I think it’s fair to say it’s a departure for what people may know me from and my line of work,” he adds. “That’s one of the reason I wanted to do the movie. I wanted to take on the challenges and all these different layers to this character. You don’t often get to do that with a genre film like this. The challenge in that, for me, was extremely appealing. It’s fun to do, fun to play a character who has secrets. It’s just really well written. Nothing is simple. That’s kind of the dream.”

The film follows an expectant couple’s intimate weekend, which turns to terror when they discover their secluded country inn is a haunted maternity home where unwanted infants and mothers were murdered. Inspired by the true story of the infamous ‘Butterbox Babies‘, THE CHILD REMAINS is a twisting supernatural thriller that emphasizes story and suspense over shock and gore. starring Cannes Best Actress winner Suzanne Clément (Mommy), Allan Hawco (Frontier, Caught, Republic of Doyle), Shelley Thompson (Labyrinth, Trailer Park Boys) and genre hero Geza Kovacs (Scanners, The Dead Zone), THE CHILD REMAINS is about the evil that lurks behind the postcard.

“You know what you’re signing up for when you take on a film like this,” Hawco says. “You know you’re going in for the ride. This is certainly more psychological than it is a gore film. I feel like it has a real classic horror film feel too it. More of The Shining, less of Saw. It has that twisting plot.” 

For tickets to The Child Remains at Cineplex Mount Pearl, click here. For more information on the film visit the official website here. 

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