All’s fair in love & weather

All Fair in love and weather

NTV’s Chief Meteorologist Eddie Sheerr has had a wild introduction to being a NLer, From our wonky summers and winters to finding love, Sheerr gives us his latest projections for what to expect when we’re expecting (weather wise of course!).

So, how has this winter been in contrast to previous years?

“The last two years featured significant amounts of snow across the Island and long stretches of bitterly cold temperatures,” he shared. “In comparison this winter has been very, very different. Snowfall for many areas, especially central and western Newfoundland, has been well below average. The overwhelming theme from folks across the Island is one of disappointment for the year. It’s been tough for winter sport enthusiasts due to this lack of snow. Even in Labrador snowfall has been below normal and temperatures relatively mild … for Labradorians.”

Unpredictable at times

All Fair in love and weatherThough quickly becoming accustomed to what we can expect in our turbulent weather patterns, Sheerr still admits that ‘normal’ Newfoundland weather is still unpredictable at times to him, as he’s only been an honourary Newfoundlander for three years.

“It’s hard to me to say what a “normal” winter should be like,” Sheerr admits. “This is my third winter in NL and my first two were very cold and very snowy and this one has been quite a bit less extreme on both accounts. Some of the storms have been difficult to predict, but that comes with the territory. Snowfall has been below normal this year for most areas and temperatures have been close to normal … until recently. We’ve had some bouts with temperatures into the teens at the end of February and the long range suggests that may become more common over the coming weeks. Perhaps an early Spring is in the cards for us to make up for the less than stellar summer? All that being said, it’s still March and some of the very big snowfalls can, and have, occurred this month and in April.”

One thing that has defied our norm is the early emergence of Icebergs this year, something which perplexes Sheerr and weather pundits in general.

Iceberg  season

“I’m a bit perplexed as to why we’ve seen so many early season icebergs this year,” he shared. “The weather pattern last summer and this fall was unseasonably cold for parts of the North Atlantic. The biggest driver of this was the long durations of the easterly and northeasterly winds due to high pressure centres sitting northeast of the Island.

I’m not 100 per cent sure if that has anything do with the early ‘bergs, but it may. Icebergs take a long time to travel from Greenland into Iceberg Alley, roughly 3 years, so I suppose there could be a multitude of factors going into this. Sea ice between Labrador and Greenland is also slightly below normal this year, which could also play a role … I think. I’m no expert in sea-ice and icebergs so there’s a chance my hypotheses is completely wrong!”

NTV Road trips

Sheerr has been hitting the open road and making stops in various towns across Newfoundland in recent weeks, becoming much more accustomed to our picturesque island and its warm and welcoming inhabitants.

“The NTV Road trips I get to do a few times a year are a blast!,” he shared. “Just last month, in February, I did two different trips in back to back weeks. The most memorable experience from this last round of trips was definitely square dancing at the Centreville-Wareham-Trinity and Indian Bay Winter Carnival. I don’t fancy myself much of a dancer, but apparently I did okay for a newbie! Getting out and about across the province is something I really enjoy. The history and culture of this Island is so rich and interesting. The more of both I learn and see, the more people I meet, the more ingrained I start to feel in the community that makes up Newfoundland and Labrador. This place which was once felt very foreign now feels like home.”

Feeling of home

That newfound feeling of home has recently become amplified for Sheerr, as the seasoned meteorologist recently revealed his engagement, with plans to wed right here in Newfoundland and Labrador.

“Some things in life happen for a reason,” Sheerr shared candidly. “The path in life I’ve taken thus far led me to Newfoundland, and to Susan. We met almost a year ago to the week and it was the best thing that ever happened to me! I asked Susan to marry me on Christmas Eve and to my delight she said yes! We’ve been working on the wedding plans and do have a date set for later this year. The wedding will be taking place on the Island and I’m excited for my family and friends that haven’t been to NL yet to see what a beautiful place this is.”

The simple things

Eddie and CompanyWith an open love for his new home and his bride to be, Sheerr takes comfort in the simple things these days, so it was only fitting that we asked the question as to what we can find him doing on his rare days off?

“I’m a huge technology nerd, so I’m always reading tech blogs to find out what’s latest and greatest in the world of technology,” he shared. “Drones are some of the coolest things to come out in the tech world and I recently got one of my own. Hopefully I’ll have some breathtaking videos to share this summer! I play ice hockey twice a week in the winter and once a week in the summer. I love playing golf and hope to get out more this year than last.

Last year was my first season rowing for the NTV crew and this year will be my second. Rowing is the most challenging and rewarding sport I’ve even participated in. I can’t wait to get back out on the pond in May!”

As for what remains in store for us Newfoundlanders and Labradorians weather-wise, Sheerr gives his most educated and informed estimate.

“Astronomical Spring arrives on March 20 so hopefully we’ve only got a little more winter to go before the weather turns! If the rest of the cold season is like what’s we’ve seen through the majority of the winter, we may not see much more in the way of snow. As is always the case, large snowfalls across the province are certainly possible through late April and early May. This has been a year with an unusually strong El Nino (warmer than average water near South American in the equatorial Pacific). Strong El Nino years, in the past, have resulted in a fairly nice spring season for much of the province. Hopefully this year will be the same.” Sounds good to us!

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