Artist Spotlight: Matt Wright

Acclaimed local funnyman Matt Wright gets festive with friends for a pair of high-profile holiday showcases in St. John’s and Gander this December.


Christmas means good food, good people, and generally speaking, good times. We all love to indulge in excess over Christmas and tap into the things that make us feel that jolly, warm feeling. What better time of year to have a good laugh with one of the best comedians to call this island home?!

Matt Wright brings his annual Christmas show to St. John’s for a fifth straight year on December 15th at Club One, before heading home to Gander on December 28th. Special guests include Adam Christie (St. John’s) and Paul Warford (Gander). 

Wright caught up with The Newfoundland Herald, where he explains that his thriving fan-base here at home have been turning up in droves for half a decade-plus, so he ensures there’s plenty of new material for repeat customers.

“I always try to make sure I have new stuff,” Wright says. “It’s not like music where you can just come back and do the same songs and three new ones. People want a fresh show every year, which I get, and it’s a good challenge to write every year. I look forward to it.”

Long-Term Gains

Wright has been plying his trade in Nova Soctia as a member of the writing team for iconic Atlantic Canadian sketch comedy series This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Working alongside the likes of Shaun Majumder, Cathy Jones, Susan Kent, Trent McClellan and Mark Critch has its advantages when it comes to maturation as a standup comedian, Wright explains.

“I think with the show as a whole and just being around the best comedy writers in Canada eight hours a day, it’s hard to not get better,” he says. “I’m up here like six months a year and I work 45-55 hours a week and go out and do standup and try to do that three or four times a week. That’s pretty much all I do here, and then I watch the leafs games and play video games. It’s all comedy here. It’s a little intense schedule-wise, but I think it’s good for me in the long-run for sure.”

After the holiday turkey has settled, and the potential hangover of Boxing Day subsides, Wright will take to the Arts & Culture Centre stage in his hometown of Gander, for what will be his sixth holiday showcase in the city.

Aside from serving as an anticipated and welcomed homecoming, Wright sees the year end event as an opportunity to clue-up a years worth of material, starting fresh in the new year.

“It’s usually one of my favourite shows of the year, not only because of the home-thing but also, with that 45 minute show top-to-bottom, I probably won’t do that set again and I’ll have to start writing a new one as of January,” Wright says. “It’s at home, which at cool, because my family will be there – although I think standup still kind of scare the s**t out of them to be honest. I think they’re scared that I’ll bomb, and I get it. I keep saying every year that ‘Im going to bomb one of these years, and it hasn’t happened yet. I think the jokes I wrote this year are better than the ones I wrote last year, which is always my goal. The comedy Gods will come for all of us, so statistically if I keep going I will bomb one year, I just hope it’s not this year. Is that a good way to sell a show?”

Family & Friends

As for what the holidays mean to a guy like Matt Wright, it’s the standard and acceptable fare – friends and family – and some entertainment for good measure.

“It’s spending time with family and friends and taking a few weeks to slow down and appreciate the year and the people you’re lucky enough to have around,” Wright shares.

“Honestly, I love going to other peoples shows. The Once, Hey Rosetta!, there’s a lot going on.”

Add a night of comedy bliss to your Christmas list with one of the island’s finest. Tickets and information are available at

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