Baby of the Year – Adaline Rose Duffney

Meet this year’s Baby of the Year, Stephenville’s adorable Adaline Rose Duffney


It’s clear that Adaline Rose Duffney can command attention with little more than a smile. On the day she visited for her up close and personal photo shoot for The Newfoundland Herald’s cover, she was all smiles, despite the long early morning drive in from her home in Stephenville with mom Lesley Duffney. Adaline’s dad, Thomas St. Jean, works out west on a rotation shift.

Our Herald Baby of the Year, who will turn two on September 17, has two older siblings; Scarlet and Bentley, and mom is expecting baby number four – a girl named Penelope – in January. 

Mom says she is a little upset with herself in some ways when it comes to entering The Herald’s Baby contest.  

Third Times the Charm

“It’s always been a dream to have one of my babies in The Herald, but I never got around to sending in any pictures when they were small enough. I guess it’s different with baby number three, so I went for it,” she says. 

When she received the call Adaline had won, she cried, she admits. “I cried. Keeping this a secret, it’s so hard not saying anything. With two other children, and sneaking away for the pictures, it’s really difficult, but exciting. So exciting.”

So, what’s Adaline like at home? She is “a character” her mom says. 

“She for sure has a mind of her own as well as a temper, but she’s so spirited and she is very easy going in many ways too. Now, being very spirited and high energy, it can be overwhelming at times, but it can also be so very much fun. She makes me laugh. She’s that kid.” 

With the fourth child on the way, and Adaline about to be a big sister, how is mom feeling? 

“Well. I’m excited. The Baby of the Year is a very proud moment, a very big deal. We love The Herald, always have. And while having a new baby in a few weeks time can be a big thing, I’m counting my blessings and I’m proud of all my children.” 

A Big Family 

Mom says she always dreamed of having a large family. “I only had one sibling growing up so I knew I wanted a big family when I had kids. When I had Scarlet, I knew I wanted her to have siblings. Now, my dreams have come true.”

Anything else we should know about our very special Baby of the Year? 

“She started walking at 10 months old. Her favourite words are bus and ice – probably because I crave ice in my pregnancy and she loves ice too,” she laughs, whispering the word ‘ice’ so Adaline doesn’t come looking.

Mom’s final words are touching. 

“This is a beautiful way to end and start a new year, celebrating with the ones you love. These pictures are going to be so treasured by our family. Today has been so incredible, so beautiful, and we feel truly blessed.”

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