Becky & Larry Daley

A father and daughter share a passion for the sea and the secrets it holds.


Walking into the home of Larry Daley is just like walking into a museum. Daughter Becky is proud to show off her father’s treasures. From artifacts off  of the actual Titanic, to remarkable props from the famous James Cameron blockbuster, Titanic, there’s so much to take in. 

Her dad’s passion for all things Titanic started innocently enough; by being in the right place at the right time. While out having a beer after work in 1985 some men entered the bar in a celebratory mood. “They were the crew who had just found the Titanic. Being one of the first people to learn about it, and hearing about it first hand, was pretty incredible,” Larry shares.

That passion has taken him many places, including to the resting place of that ill-fated vessel which sunk after striking an iceberg off Newfoundland in 1912. It sank within hours, taking 1,500 lives with it. There were 700 survivors.

On June 25, 2003, Daley dove in a small Russian sub to see the wreckage, which lies 13,000 feet below the ocean surface about 450 miles off Newfoundland’s coast.

Becky Daley will never forget the day her dad set sail on his now famous exhibition.

“I was scared. I remember when he left, mom and I watched from Signal Hill. I was upset. He was on a boat and really couldn’t communicate with us.”

A Tight Bond

Her dad is quiet for a moment. “I knew she was afraid. Her mother had to peel her off a chain link fence when she saw me on the stern of the ship sailing out through the harbour. The bond between us has always been so tight, we’re so close, but I also knew she was proud of what I was doing because she knew how much it meant to me,” Larry says.

And she does. In fact, Becky also shares her father’s passion, manning at times his exhibitions.

 “I know everything there is to know about the Titanic. And I’m proud. More people have gone into space than have visited the Titanic site. That’s a great accomplishment,” she says.

Her dad smiles. When Becky was growing up, she was always his number one priority, he shares. 

“My buddies would go out, but I’d want to be home. I’d be the dad out on the cul-de-sac letting the kids play,  I’d be planning block parties or having outdoor movies. I’ve always done so much with her.”

Dangerous Situations

But he’s also always been placing himself in dangerous situations if the need arose. “I own RIBS (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats) fast rescue craft. If I go out on a search and rescue, it could be a nice day or I could be out in 15 foot seas looking to do recovery.”

And a love and a respect for the sea is something they share, Becky adds. “Whenever he’s going out on the water, I’m like; I’m coming.”

Besides the sea and a passion for the Titanic, what’s her dad like?

“He’s really easy to talk with. He can bring the better out of any bad situation. If I get a bad mark, he’ll say, that’s OK. We can work around that. He puts everybody before himself. He always helps other people first.”

Just this past Christmas he raised money for those less fortunate and Becky and her boyfriend delivered the turkeys her father bought for those in need.

Even their family dog Molly was a rescue. While visiting the SPCA, Becky noticed a mother dog and her five pups. One call to her father and all six animals were in their home. 

“Dad found homes for the puppies and we still have Molly. That’s what my dad is like. He’s really passionate and caring.”

Now that Becky is part of the OZFM Cruiser Team, it’s her dad’s turn to be proud of her. In fact, the copy of The Herald with her on the cover is now part of his treasured collection. 

“I’m proud of her. I think it’s great and a lot of responsibility comes with this, but she’s handling it so great.”

Becky says she’s proud to say she’s becoming more like her dad every day. 

“I am more like him as time goes on. I was always really caring like him, but I used to be really shy. Being around him brought me out of that.”

Shared Passions

Her dad smiles. “She’s dad’s girl,” he says with a laugh. She smiles.

“Becky loves going on the water. She and I go out on the boat buzzing around, looking at icebergs and whales or we go catching a few fish. Becky likes the water so much. She’s been driving boats since she was eight years old. She’s a master at operating them safely so I can sit back and enjoy the ride.” 

Because of their shared passion, that’s probably what they’ll be doing this Father’s Day if the weather cooperates. 

“We’ll go on the boat. Maybe for a ride on the motorcycle. We’ll go for brunch. Just spend the day doing what we both love,” says Larry. Becky nods. 

“If we are on the water, it’s a good day.” Dad looks thrilled “That’s my girl!” he adds proudly. 

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