Big Brother Canada Alumni: Andrew Monaghan

By: Jason Sheppard

With season seven of the hit competition series premiering this winter on NTV, we check in with the first Newfoundland and Labrador houseguest


When Big Brother Canada returned to NTV on March 6, viewers got the chance to see not just one, but two Newfoundlanders and Labradorians moving into the Big Brother Canada house with 12 other contestants from across Canada. 

Adam Pike, 27 from Spaniard’s Bay, is the latest local individual to try his luck in winning the $100,000 prize by outlasting his fellow game players. 

Joining him will be Samantha Picco, 30, a beauty salon owner from Conception Bay South who’s described as “a pint-sized powerhouse with a larger-than-life personality.”

‘Not much has changed’

The Herald decided to check in with former Big Brother Canada houseguest Andrew Monaghan to find out what life has been like since leaving the house, his recommended strategies and find out if he’d do it all once again should the opportunity arise.  

Appearing on the very first season of Big Brother Canada, Monaghan lasted          64 out of 70 days in the house earning him a spot in the coveted final four. However, a surprise twist in the game brought an evicted house guest back – a house guest Monaghan had gotten out. With that unfortunate bit of luck, Monaghan, the oldest house guest at 38, was then in an act of revenge, evicted himself.

Born and raised in Newfoundland, he grew up in Corner Brook but has been living in Halifax for the past 19 years. When Monaghan entered Big Brother Canada the house he was working in insurance sales. When we spoke with Monaghan recently he tells us that yes, he is still working in the insurance industry. “Not much has changed in my life except for that I was on Big Brother Canada for the first season.” Monaghan shared with us. “The first year afterwards was quite crazy being a pseudo-celebrity kind of thing, but after that it was just sort of less and less recognition.” 

Big Brother back home

Monaghan returned to the world of insurance where he’s been working for 10 years and he’s been in a relationship with his partner, Nicole for the last five. 

“We’ve got a puppy named Alex so that’s pretty much my life; working, having fun with my partner and family and our new puppy and playing as much golf as I possibly can. 

“Everyone back in Newfoundland were all very excited when Big Brother Canada happened and very into it but were also happy when it was over because it was very, very stressful,” Monaghan recalls. 

“It was stressful enough with me being in the house and then, when I got out, I didn’t know what was happening, but they were all very proud. They thought it was very funny and thought it was a great experience but they were happy when it was over.”   

Monaghan attended the Big Brother Canada season two finale but after that he says it was his last kick at the can of Big Brother. 

With six years now since Monaghan’s season ended, we asked him if he would use the same strategy if he were to enter the house today. “I would use the exact same strategy,” he firmly tells us. 

“I made it to the final four but obviously that twist threw a curve ball into it. I never went in with any sort of strategy saying ‘I was going to do this or that’ because every season of Big Brother that you watch people go in and say ‘I’m going to go in and play beast mode or I’m going to be everybody’s friend’ and then something gets thrown you’re way that you didn’t expect and then your plan just goes out the window” 

Since Monaghan was the oldest person living in the Big Brother house, his strategy was to simply listen and befriend his house mates. 

“I was as friendly as I could and worked on my social game,” he said, “That’s what Big Brother people love.” 

Different Mindset

So after the experience of being on the first ever edition of Big Brother Canada and with a seventh edition now beginning, if there should happen to be a Big Brother Canada all-stars edition, would Monaghan consider doing it again?

“I would do it again,” he answers without hesitation. “I’d have a different mindset going in but I wouldn’t change anything about my game. Not that I consider myself an “all-star” by any stretch of the imagination… maybe a Newfoundland all-star,” Monaghan answers with a laugh. “There’s only been a few of us.” And now there’s about to be two more. 

Big Brother Canada airs on NTV Sundays at 9:30 p.m., Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. and Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. 

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  1. March 20, 2019

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