Buddy Sets The Record Straight

With rumours running rampant that Buddy Wasisname and The Other Fellers are set to call it a career, The Newfoundland Herald can share that the beloved group aren’t anywhere close to packing up the guitars and funny hats, and have yet to state anything to the contrary.

While there is intent to scale back on large-scale touring, the band is in fact not in the midst of a ‘final tour’ and do indeed intend to continue to perform live in the near future. This is according to numerous conversations with the group members themselves exchanged with Herald staff in the past 48 hours, as well from a statement that the group shared via their official Facebook group yesterday evening, which is provided below.  

“Rumours of our retirement have been rampant today!

Have no fear – we are not quitting. We’ve announced that we’re cutting back on touring but we still have 29 shows this fall and 25 plus in the coming year. We don’t know how or exactly when to stop doing something we love so much. Thank you for your concerns and please SHARE and help us set the record straight. When the time comes for us to quit we will make a statement that will leave no doubt.”

Buddy Wasisname and The Other Fellers are currently in the midst of their ‘Best Of’ Tour, and tickets can be purchased at artsandculturecentre.com.

Look for a full, comprehensive and revealing interview with the band in next weeks’ issue of The Newfoundland Herald, where the future of the group is discussed at length.

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