Cambridge Estates Senior Hockey

No matter how old you get, you never forget one thing; who you rooted for – and who you were against – come hockey playoff time. At Cambridge Estates, they bring those sweet memories to life year after year


As Recreation Director at Cambridge Estates, Kennedy Clarke says she looks forward to playoff season every year for one very important reason; because it brings back great, special memories of growing up.

Love of Hockey

In the spring of 2016 Cambridge Estates began a tradition of celebrating hockey playoffs by donning their favourite Canadian team’s jersey. This tradition was started by one personal care attendant named Nina and a resident whose health was failing, but his love of hockey was healthy.

“Each night Nina would provide care, turn on the game and chat about the teams and players. Her care spread room to room and so did her love of hockey and more specifically, her love of the Montreal Canadiens,” shares Clarke.

Nina is a fan of sports, especially hockey, and she loves getting the residents involved as much as she can, Clarke continues.

 ‘It’s just having a lot of fun and getting them involved. Back in the day, Buddy the Puffin would visit and  be the goalie, but now we just have fun.  Close to 100 people show up; residents and their friends and family, and it’s something we look forward to every year.”

It’s all about reminiscing as well as about creating new memories.

“Everyone has a favourite team. The residents all know who their hockey teams were, even their team from back when they were younger. Having an event like this gets them reminiscing, and hockey was a big thing in almost every home. Everyone had their team. Seeing the excitement on so many faces as they create new memories and moments makes the effort so worth it.” 

‘Old Stadium Days’

This is a yearly party planned with love and care and compassion, she continues. “Our celebration this year included a moment of silence in honour of the Humboldt Broncos, singing O Canada, a shoot out, a best dressed fan contest and a visit from our own ‘Don Cherry’ complete with a night-specific suit jacket.  We followed all of this with dancing to the tunes of McKinnon Clarke and hot dogs, soda and chips, reminiscent of our old stadium days.”

Having residents and staff joined by family and friends means a wonderful time was enjoyed by all, she says.

“Thank you to Daisy, our Don Cherry seamstress, Andy our goalie, Pat our ref, and our staff and family who donated snacks and their time.  Special thanks to Nina who organizes the event each year with so much energy and excitement. My job is putting the final pieces together to make sure everyone smiles and has a great time.”

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