Catching Up With Kellie Loder

The Newfoundland Herald ran into Kellie Loder while making a pit stop for food, beverages and fun at Jigs & Reels in Green’s Harbour. 

Loder, there with a friend for a meal and a chat, was gracious enough to have a chat with a fan, even posing for a few pictures in the process. 

Come Home Queer

Having not long finished performing at the Come Home Queer celebration, Loder was beaming from the support – and from being on a recent cover of The Newfoundland Herald!  

“I was really, really impressed with how well the story was done. Dillon (Collins) had so many nice things to say.   I was really emotional when I read it,” they said.

Not only is Loder selling out shows, but they are selling out of merch at the shows as well, they add. “The opportunity to be on a national television show, what that has done for me is amazing. People stop you on the side of the road and people shout at you from their cars. And it’s so positive.”

You work hard for so long, and then suddenly, you’re a known name and face, Loder said.  “You work so, so hard for so long to get that sort of recognition that when you finally get it it’s a bit wild. Like, I still feel like I’m a small town kid from Badger and now people are wanting to carry my things and bring me water and food and steam my clothes. And I’m like, ‘What’s happening right now?’” 

Loder also felt “different” seeing their face on the Herald cover. “I would go to the store and The Herald would always be on the front counter, and I would see different faces every week on the cover and I always wondered if I was ever going to make the cover, do you know what I mean? I always wondered that, even when nobody knew who I was.”

‘Full circle moment’

It’s quite the feeling, Loder continued.  “It was like it was really a full circle moment to see my face there and be like, ‘That’s my face. And it’s on the cover of The Herald.”

Any words for fans? “I’d love to encourage people to come out and say ‘hi’ at the shows that I’m going to be doing in Newfoundland, and just keep watching out for me and keep saying ‘hi.’”

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