Celebrating Quinn

One year after her daughter’s heart-breaking death, Quinn’s mom, Andrea Gosse, talks love, hope, and memories that will live on forever
Quinn Butt didn’t live to start kindergarten with one of her best friends, Lilly. Nor did she live to take to the ice for her first figure skating lesson, or continue her attempts at learning to swim. However, it’s the memories of what her daughter did do during her five short years on this earth that keeps Andrea Gosse going.
Quinn was her shopping buddy, her pussycat, her best friend, Gosse said during an interview at her home on March 27.
Quinn’s love
“I’d call her ‘Mom’s Puss.’ I remember getting out of the car and walking into the house ahead of her. She’d say, ‘Mom, don’t forget your pusser.’ I can still hear her voice saying that,” Gosse said almost a year after her daughter’s death.
Quinn loved picking out her own clothes, getting a pedicure and having her nails painted as much as she loved family trips to Florida and skating on the pond behind her home in Paradise. At age four she learned to ride a bike without the training wheels, her mother said proudly.
“And she loved Taylor Swift. At one point she used to say her name was Quinn Taylor Swift Butt.”
Quinn loved climbing at Axtion and baking cakes and cookies at home with her mom. She loved babies and other children as much as she loved to dance. Whether Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap or Ballet, the child looked forward to her lessons and performances. “Quinn was in Ballet in Bay Roberts then, when we moved in here, she went to Revolutions Dance (in Mount Pearl).”
Both dance studios performed a tribute to Quinn at their year-end celebrations.
Gosse goes into another room and brings out a tiny pair of pink ballet slippers and a beautifully framed picture of her daughter in her dance outfit. Two more cherished mementos.
A pink and purple playground named Quinn’s Place erected at Paradise Elementary opened in August 2016. It’s the community where Gosse wanted the playground erected. Quinn was supposed to start Kindergarten at the school in September 2016.
“Quinn went to two days of Kinderstart … Her teacher wrote me and said just by those two classes, she saw Quinn’s personality and just how much of a vibrant little girl she was.”
Quinn’s memory
A stranger named Adam Stead started the fundraising initiative for the playground, Gosse said. Stead, who has since become a family friend, is now planning to erect another playground in Quinn’s memory in Carbonear.
“We’re hoping that each year there will be a playground for Quinn in a different community,” Gosse said.
Gosse has moved from Paradise where the family was living at the time of Quinn’s death. She and her partner Matthew Chafe plan on moving back to the town a little later down the road.
“I just couldn’t go back (to the house) without her,” she said.
 Quinn’s death on April 24, 2016 resonated with people throughout the province and beyond.
“The minute we found out Quinn was gone, everybody started pouring in their love and support … a few days after she passed away a group in our area (Quinn and her mother lived in Carbonear before moving to Paradise when Quinn was four years old) put together a candlelight vigil that was so moving.”
The vigil (held at a soccer field in Harbour Grace) drew thousands of people. Many wore pink and purple – Quinn’s favourite colours.
“To see thousands of candles glowing for Quinn was phenomenal,” Gosse said.
‘Light it up Quinn.’
The vigil also included the release of hundreds of pink and purple balloons, in Quinn’s memory. People from various parts of the world who could not attend the vigil took to Facebook to show their support by lighting a candle in her memory. “I got a picture from Brazil. It was a bunch of men out on an oil-rig with a big sign with the hash tag ‘Light it up Quinn.’”
Gosse also received pictures of groups of schoolchildren in schools throughout the province wearing pink and purple to celebrate Quinn.
There is also an annual Ride for Quinn, and an annual bursary in Quinn’s name. A motorcycle ride (organized by Elena Parsons) was also held in Ontario with money raised going to support women and children experiencing domestic violence in that province.
Closer to home, children and youth who stay at Iris Kirby House (a shelter for women and children who are experiencing domestic violence) will also benefit from initiatives undertaken in Quinn’s memory.
The Town of Harbour Grace is also planning to erect a memorial to Quinn.
From fundraising walks to personal donations to worthy causes in Quinn’s name – people have found their own ways celebrate to the child’s life.
“Quinn’s best friend, Cole, he had a ball hockey team in a tournament. They were called ‘Quinn’s boys.’”
There are Justice for Quinn hair bows, ribbons and car magnets.
Some people composed songs and poems in the child’s memory while others reached out to Gosse personally, sending paintings of Quinn and engraved jewelry with pictures of the child.
Gosse celebrated Quinn’s sixth birthday on February 17 by hosting a general skating party in Bay Roberts.
‘overwhelmed with love’
The celebrations of her daughter’s life over the past year – by family, friends and strangers – helps Gosse face each day.
“You’ve lost your child and you feel like you can’t go on. But you’re overwhelmed with love. It’s so sad but it really does help,” she said of the numerous initiatives in her daughter’s memory.
Gosse – who often sleeps with Quinn’s sweater – said it’s impossible to thank everybody who has reached out to her family since her daughter’s death.
Celebrating her life is something Gosse plans on doing well into the future. “What do you do … Quinn was my world … But you can’t just crumble. I would rather take part in these celebrations. I refuse to shut down… And I want people to know that Quinn would love all of this.”

11 thoughts on “Celebrating Quinn

  1. Renee
    April 17, 2017

    Hugs to u andrea, Quinn is resting in peace xo

  2. Alice Harris
    April 18, 2017

    My heart broke for you when I heard of your little girls death. I hope people continue celebrating Quinn’s life for a long time. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through the trial of your ex. I hope you will continue to draw strength from the support you have received from people around the world and know that we stand with you during this painful process. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope he pays for what he has done.

  3. April 18, 2017

    Aww god bless u little Quinn…when I hear the song that was played at the candle light visual I still have my cry….god bless all the family..so nice to see her mommy out there celebrating all the actives for her…god bless ????

  4. Mary Ann Park
    April 18, 2017

    Words can not describe the horror of the tragedy the took Quinn away. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God bless you all.

  5. Alma. Gould
    April 18, 2017

    Such a touching story. A beautiful little girl gone to soon! Cherish those memories mom that you shared with your baby girl. May god bless and comfort you in the days. Months and years ahead! Hugs!

  6. Denise Bussey Beaton
    April 18, 2017

    God bless you and your family. May he give you strength to carry on. Quinn’s short life on this earth has impacted many people in many ways. Light it up, Quinn. ?

  7. Elizabeth Rowsell
    April 18, 2017

    Well written article. It is so hard to think of losing a child, a feeling that many of us will never know but the strength and courage of her mom is undeniable. Her short life has left a lasting memory and sadness for many of us whether we knew her or not. Andrea you are an inspiration for many and you are with us in prayer. God bless you and little Quinn and all who share in your grief.

  8. April 18, 2017

    Andrea you are some strong it must come from the Dawe side and yet an stay strong and keep going loves you you are doing the best thing

  9. Tiffany Ellis
    April 18, 2017

    My heart really aches for her mother! Such a beautiful girls life taken at a young age! My tears flowed heavily when I found out what had happened….. my prayers are with her mother!

  10. Frances nugent
    April 21, 2017

    Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Quinn .. a child I never met… I dream about it . While I was sleeping in my bed her precious little life was being taken away but like everyone else we didn’t know, we couldn’t help her . God bless you Andrea as you do your best to live without your little girl … the world has your back my friend be strong as you can and one great day you will once again see your beautiful daughter loves you and your family prayers xo

  11. Maria salazar
    March 9, 2021

    I think how can God let this happen to little children why couldn’t he save her by sending his angles to protect her life why why why. I have always asked that question and I’ve been told that God gave men free will to do as they please if he gave it to men then can’t he take it back , come on now there not doing any good with it so way let them have that power, the power to take or harm a child, way don’t scary demons pop up and scare the crap out of these child killers wouldn’t that be awesome I wish there was a way to protect the precise life of any child in danger of getting killed or hurt. They say there’s spirits and demons in this world of ours that wonder doing who now what the demons that possess people to do things like hurt or take a life well can we not get the good spirits to help figth the evil ones like in heaven when there was war. My idea is find a person that can channel spirits and then teach them to feel the energy of a child being hurt then go to the spot and change the circamstances with the power of love change the situation and the thing that is about to happen make the person have a change of heart just as the demons talk them in to doing some thing evil, the spirits can change that thought to a positive one , I’m sure there are spirits in ever place and if the spirits just had some one to teach them it could be possible that we can spiriitchly figth for and protect life a precise child’s life or any ones at that matter. See I know that the star represents earth air fire water and energy the center is the heart of all manner, every one thinks that the pentagram is evil because of all the story’s out there about it but if the evil one don’t want us to stop them then there gonna take the tools that can by saying it’s bad or it’s evil so we don’t bother touching or getting near it see then we are screwed , that’s the perpess of saying the pentagram is evil but it’s not it’s a tool ever point is a element or a body part like the five points on a star are the head and arms and legs and the middle is the torso when the spirits don’t have a body to bring there emery together , I know in my heart if we could find a way to channel good spirits around us and teach them how to find and protect the innecent and show them how that it would be a new world a better one these spirits advenaly get so spread out that they just are no more the pentagram is like a body for them it keep them together when there is a round ring around it that makes it close to them they can not enter it that’s is what is evil about the pentagram the ring around it then again the ring can also protect what is in the star depending on how it’s used but it a tool to channel the spirits then once there with each other in a big room they can be tough how to be of help. Even if this is not possible it’s worth a try can we at lease try some thing so neon this worlds beleafs, it’s worth trying to save innecents. I’ve sat alone crying about all the evil of the world and all the news of this and that and it’s so painful to see so many crazy things and hearing about some parent killing there kids just because they got mad at the other parent so they desired to take it out on there children. It’s even harder when one of your own are killed. Well it’s been awhile since I came up with this idea I’ve thought it over a few times but never shared in tell now I know it all sounds so crazy but it’s possible . If your in this with me please send me a e-mail [email protected] or text 442-380-5943 miss Marie ps thanks for taking the time to read this.?. To all the little ones that life’s was taken by the hands of loved ones. I hope your in a better place we’re your loved unconditionally and protected from any harm or suffering I wish I could of helped you some way some how I’m trying to protect others as your self that’s were my heart is. May your little souls rest with tender loving care . I hope God has a special place for you and that some day you can be with the ones the truly loved and cared for you. Sleep with the angels and always be under Gods protection to all the little ones of this world together with love we can find a way. ?

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