Cooking with Ches: The One That Didn’t Get Away

Cooking in the kitchen with Opposition Leader Ches Crosbie and his wife Lois 


Ches Crosbie and his wife Lois move expertly around their equipped and ready-to-go kitchen as they do their evening meal-time tango. With touches of Christmas hinting at the festive season soon upon us, the couple jokes good-naturedly.

Kitchen Justice

So, who is the chef in the home? we ask. “I kind of enjoy it, but she doesn’t let me do it that often. She’s very ‘jurisdictional’,” jokes the Leader of the Official Opposition. 

Lois, a Justice of the Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court since 2007, shakes her head. 

“He loves it in the kitchen,” she clarifies with a smile. Back in his law-firm days, Crosbie always enjoyed adding a recipe to his otherwise (admittedly) dry newsletters. Crosbie, while stirring the filling for the pie, reflects on those days.

“People don’t want blah. They want engaging, interesting and something that relates to their lives. Food, everyone can relate to food. The worst thing you can do is be dry and boring,” he says with a wee smirk. 

‘I Am A Moose Hunter’

As the MHA for Windsor Lake prepares the vegetable for that evening’s meal – Brussels sprouts (though he offers “any typical Newfoundland root crop would work well with a moose dish”) – Lois moves on to pastry prep. The two talk the ‘holistic’ properties of enjoying a dish made with food you yourself brought to the table. 

“I am a moose hunter,” Ches says proudly. His wife offers the memory of how proud her husband was to brag he scored 100 on his Firearm/Hunter’s Education course.

“I used to go with my friends just for the camaraderie – for a good time – but they got after me to get to be able to put my name in the draw, so I took the training and enjoyed it.” 

His ‘first time’ is a memory he will never forget; a 200-yard shot.

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