Cory Tetford does O Holy Night

By: Jason Sheppard

The singer songwriter lend his talents to O Holy Night


Cory Tetford is certainly no stranger to Newfoundland music lovers. Tetford, who hails from Goulds, has been entertaining local audiences since the release of his first album back in October, 1999. This month, Tetford will be featured in Shelley Neville’s O Holy Night Christmas show.

Hanging with Shelley

Tetford says this is his seventh or eighth time appearing in the show and it’s one he always enjoys. 

“It’s a fun show, man,” exclaims Tetford who spoke to The Herald from Nova Scotia. “It always sort of puts a button on Christmas for me because it’s my last gig of the year and I always love coming down hanging with Shelley and everybody in the cast. It’s a lot of fun.” 

Tetford enjoys the fun and the playfullness. “It’s a different beast for me because I get to put on a suit and grab a microphone as opposed to putting on my jean jacket and jeans and strapping a guitar over my shoulder. I enjoy it. It’s fun.”

Tetford has sometimes performed his own songs in the show and he just might again this year. “I’m still uncertain about which songs I’m doing,” he admits. “I’ll definitely be doing a Christmas song or two and I get to sing with Shelley and I get to sing with David Pomeroy, Sheila Williams and Peter Halley which is always a treat. I may sing one of my own or may not. I just sort of wing it. When I go there it’s just like ‘what songs do I want to do’ and then I’ll just let the band know and off we go.”

Tetford, who grew up singing gospel music, enjoys that this show incorporates gospel and holiday music. He says that the songs he sings already have that gospel sound and feel to them so a show such as this one feels absolutely right. 

“I love singing gospel music because it just reminds me of my upbringing and singing gospel music is exactly what I did as a child. Some of the coolest Christmas songs have gospel influences in them anyways,” Tetford shares.

‘Old Man Country’

This show might be Tetford’s last gig of the year, but 2019 promises to be a busy one for the singer/songwriter. Tetford has been touring with Great Big Sea’s Alan Doyle, who Tetford says keeps him on his toes. 

“My main gig has been playing guitar with Alan, so I’ve been all over God’s creation with that fella.”

The two have been writing together as well and 2019 will see the release of a new album from Tetford. “The last solo record I did was more the old country ballads, but this new one will be some of the more rock ‘n roll stuff,” Tetford shared, promising a lot more guitar playing and upbeat tunes on the album. 

Tetford says it will be in the style of country legends Waylon and Willie and George Jones. “The stuff I call ‘old man country,’” Tetford laughs. 

However, before that, there is O Holy Night, and there is one thing Tetford would like audiences to take away with them after they’ve seen it. “Humanity,” Tetford says. “We’re all in this together. Treat each other with love and respect and I think a show like this reminds us it’s our responsibility to be human.” 

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