Dillon Collins: The Road to Wedded Bliss

I’m not much of a fan of incorporating too much of my personal life in my work.  Part preservation of privacy and part the general idea that my home and away life isn’t interesting enough to jump off the page, I’ve tended to, and will in future, avoid peeling too much of the veil away from my professional personality. 

But when you’re discussing things like royal weddings, babies and hopeful homecomings, you can’t help but draw lines in the sand to your own toes. 

‘Marrying Up’

For any of you longtime Herald readers, you may know I am getting married to my longtime partner in crime this fall. We’ve been together nearly a decade now, and I spoke before of the entire thing being the natural progression and near formality, but truly it is the obvious way to go for someone I wish to spend the rest of my life with. 

For those of you who know me, either through my years scribbling at this historic institution or those lucky enough (or cursed) to see me outside the 9-5, you’ll know I’m not exactly Captain Romance. 

Sure, I’m something of a gift giver – I love the idea of putting others before myself – but a rose petal path to a duck down mattress laced with $60 chocolates, pink champagne and a copy of Never Been Kissed isn’t my idea of swoon-worthy. Thankfully and god-willing, it isn’t my special someone’s either.

I see friends and acquaintances tying the knot, commemorating their engagements with social media posts and lavish announcements that would make Barbie and Ken queasy. 

The whole idea of lavish weddings and fairytale romances always seemed half-cocked to me. Be in love, be happy, but for god’s sakes have some dignity and self-restraint. People love the idea of a happy couple, and who doesn’t die for a blushing bride? But there’s a fine line between till death do us part and happily ever after. One of those two belongs in storybooks. 

Love is all you Need

No, our story is not regal. You’ll find little in the way to compare to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in our own storybook union, but you got the sense that the now tamed bad boy of Britain loves his bride deeply, ass over tea kettle kinda love. That’s something I can relate with. 

Whether you’re wed at Windsor Castle, Yellowbelly Brewery or your local Lions hall, do it for no other reason than being with the one you love. 

That’s a good enough idea for the Royals, and it’ll be more than enough for Mr. and Mrs. Collins.

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