Eggcellent Cover Models

Happy Easter to our cover models who can’t wait for the Easter Bunny to visit Newfoundland and Labrador this year 

There’s so much fun to be had at Easter time in Newfoundland and Labrador. There’s outdoor fun when the weather is fine, and depending on what Eddie Sheerr says, kids can either go sledding or ride their bikes. It’s weather permitting outdoor fun for every corner of NL in spring!  

For our cover kiddies, Easter is all about family time. From moments spent with mommies and daddies, to special time bonding with nannies and poppies, Easter is a time to relax and have fun! Three of our cover kids are related, so cousin fun is always a bonus, but Kaleb and Avery have become great friends thanks to The Herald and now have great play dates too from time to time. 

Enjoy this special time and stay safe everyone! 

Hudson & Spencer Langmead

Spencer and Hudson are brothers and  say they are excited for the bunny to hop on over to their home this year.  Family pooch Oreo might feel a little different, however. “I hope Oreo doesn’t frighten the Easter Bunny away,” Hudson said. Spencer was just excited for the chocolate eggs, and he was fairly confident that he’s getting “lots and lots,” this year. Spencer loves his video games and Hudson would love lots of chocolate! 

Avery Hanlon

Avery shared that the Easter bunny  sometimes brings toys and games and that made everyone feel pretty excited. 

“I like to colour and draw, so maybe some new markers and some paint,” she said. 

Kaleb Pardy-Robinson

Kaleb, 5, remembers last Easter “like it was yesterday,” he said while having his pictures taken for The Herald.

“We hunted for hidden eggs, and it was so much fun and I found one a long, long time after Easter was over, only it was green so I couldn’t eat it,” he shared. Kaleb loves spending time with his family, and outdoor time is always egg-stra special! 

Easter Fun for everyone!

Kaleb, 5, is an old man in a kid’s body, his mommy shared. “He spends lots of time with Nan and Poppy so he loves fishcakes for breakfast…” she said. But he still also loves chocolate! Hint, hint! 

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