Embracing East Coast Keto

Bobbi Pike and her husband Geoff serve healthy up in style, with over 120 amazing keto recipes from traditional meals to east coast table staples, all re-imagined keto-style


Artist Bobbi Pike and her husband Geoff both love to cook. ‘‘We’ve always been foodies, which was part of the problem. We just grew and grew and grew. We wanted to get healthy, so we started coming up with new keto recipes and suddenly we started feeling better as well,’’ Geoff begins. 

Geoff, who along with his wife has seen some incredible changes since embracing the Ketogenic lifestyle, shares that he doesn’t like to take credit. 

‘‘Bobbi really is a creative genius when it comes to coming up with flavor profiles. 

We took the food that we traditionally enjoyed and took it to a new level. It’s the same food, just a healthy version.’’

“You’re worth it”

The two have been sharing their transformation and recipes for a year on  both their website, eastcoastketo.com  and their Facebook page. Finally, with encouragement, they released their book East Coast Keto, available through their publisher, Breakwater. The response so far has been beyond incredible. 

‘‘To have people stand in front of you and say, ‘these recipes and this way of life saved my life…’ That’s big stuff,’’ Bobbi says. 

Their biggest learning through their journey was that fat doesn’t make us fat. ‘‘Eating healthy dietary fat won’t make you happy. You have to take care of that stuff, but all the processed garbage that we’ve been eating as a convenience doesn’t either. One of the things we tell people, inconvenience yourself. You’re worth it,’’ Bobbi adds.

The Pike’s have tips to help people take that first step. Like any change, start slow, they advise.

‘‘Cut out potato one week. Then pasta.  Once you get your head around the idea that it’s not the bread that you’re craving, it’s the butter and the jams and the jellies. The same thing with pasta. If you were to cook up a bowl of pasta with no salt and no oil, just boil it, it’s wallpaper. Pasta has no taste. It’s the sausage and the other things we add that makes it great. So, you still get to enjoy the good stuff,’’ Bobbi says with a smile.

Bobbi says her favourite recipe is one for cabbage rolls. Geoff says his keeps changing as they are still adding new dishes, some of which they sell as prepared meals at various farmer’s markets throughout the city. To track them down each week, follow them online.

 One of the best parts of their journey, betides the fact they are feeling good and looking great, is that their bond has strengthened.  ‘‘Teamwork. It’s been amazing to be on this journey together,’’ Bobbi says. Geoff agrees.

Bobbi had an incident recently that made her laugh. She took an item of clothing out of the drying and thought it belonged to a child. It was hers. 

‘‘We’ve been inspiring a lot of people  and we hear it all the time. But we really inspire one another,’’ she says.

Start living keto!

Bobbi and Geoff make themselves available to anyone who has questions and want to know where and how to start living East coast Keto. 

‘‘Cheat days. Don’t do it. That’s like quitting smoking and six months down the road saying, ‘I’m going to have a smoke to celebrate.’ No! Whatever it is that you’re craving, you can still have it, just have the healthy keto version because northing’s missed.’’ 

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