Emotional New Play The Cut of It heads to LSPU Hall

The Cut Of It, an original play by Meghan Greeley, is a research-based theatre performance directly inspired by the stories of breast cancer patients who participated in a project led by Dr. Kathleen C. Sitter. It runs from November 7-10 at the famed LSPU Hall and is FREE to the public!


Breasts. They’re part of who we are. So, what happens when we part ways? For breast cancer patients, making choices about surgery is incredibly complex. The Cut of It is a unique exploration of the decisions real women made when they were diagnosed with cancer. Based on recent research with patients in Newfoundland and Labrador, facilitated by MUN Medical School and Eastern Health, this performance will make you think about the choices we make, the support we offer, and the care we receive.

Written by Meghan Greeley and directed by Lois Brown, The Cut of It stars Ruth Lawrence, Allison Kelly, Laura Bradley, Alexis Koetting, Wendi Smallwood, along with Amy Kavanagh- Penney, Mary Costello, Yolanda Bliss, and introducing Lily Halley-Green making their stage debut with White Rooster Theatre.

The Cut of It explores the lives of patients before being diagnosed, the moment of diagnosis, the difficulty of deciding on a treatment plan, the challenges during the treatment itself, and the aftermath of their decisions. Women with lived experience, as experts in their own situations, are involved throughout the creative process.

This performance contains emotional accounts adapted from participants in a research study about breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and after care. Private Supportive Counseling on site for those who may require it during or after the show.

The Cut of It runs at the LSPU Hall November 7 – 9 at 8 pm, and November 10 at 2 pm, 2019, followed by an audience feedback forum led by Maureen Anonsen. Admission is free. Reserve your tickets here!

*Bio and event information courtesy of White Rooster Theatre 


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