Explore Marvelous Marble Mountain

For the last 60 years Marble Mountain in Corner Brook has been a much desired winter destination, but for summer 2022, it’s become an all season destination delight

Dustin Parsons, Sales & Marketing Manager at Marble Mountain, could gush for days about the fabulous summer they’ve had so far and the fun to come in the weeks and months ahead.   

Marble Mountain in the summer? That’s new! Oh yes! But it quickly became a hit for so many reasons.

“This summer marks the first summer ever that Marble Mountain is open and doing business, regular business, during the week over the summertime. It’s been a really interesting learning curve, but it’s also been a lot of fun to unlock a brand new asset we have right here in Newfoundland,” Parsons said. 

“It’s a given that ‘the mountain’ is a huge draw for the area. The view, the mountains, the location, the weather. There’s just so much going on. We had a really busy July with two major concerts. We had The Fables and then Classified.” 

The fun isn’t about to slow down, either, he continued. “Through August, we’re kind of re-gearing for the winter again, but visitors who come by Marble will still have lots to see and do as we want to position ourselves as your base camp for your west coast adventure.”

It’s not just about hiking Gros Morne, he added. “There’s so much to see and do right in the Humber Valley and staying at our (Marble Mountain) Villa is a great way to access it all.”

There’s a new restaurant that’s opened at Marble Mountain called Bishop’s Tavern, for one thing, Parsons continued. ”We’ve got this massive smoker and we’re doing Southern barbecue style food; beautiful smoked meats, and we have this massive outdoor beer garden and food area, so it’s a really unique place to come, eat, drink and hang out in the summertime while having an indoor/ outdoor experience. We’re dog friendly. We’re family friendly up until 8:00 in the evening, so it’s becoming this really, really fun hub of activity in the area.”

Live entertainment

Walk the dogs, hike the mountain, swim in the 200ft waterfall, or just chat and hang out.  There’s live entertainment (Kellie Loder for one, Parsons teased), open mic nights, trivia challenges (with cool prizes), and so much more.  

The vibe and the energy at the hill is changing for the better, he added, as the sunshine has added another dimension of fun.  

“You will notice improvements in customer service and product availability. We want this to be an open place where all people would want to come and be surrounded by music, good food, maybe a few animals, some kids and a few mountain bikers.” 

Check out the Spider Challenge, an aerial rope course designed to “test your nerve” while also being fun and exhilarating. There’s more! “We just finished clearing the first mountain bike trail and that will be open soon, but we have a new bike park which is basically a little skills park. People can bring their mountain bikes and their helmets and they can ride some different ramps and features that we’ve added. That’s part of a new partnership that we have with the West Coast Cycle Association who are having  a big race event in August.”  

Bottom line, there’s so much to see and do at Marble Mountain Resort, and Parsons is thrilled to spread the word.  

“This summer has been really cool for us and what we’ve been doing has been a huge hit.”

For more visit Marble Mountain Resort website: www.skimarble.com

One thought on “Explore Marvelous Marble Mountain

  1. Bill Maxwell
    August 13, 2022

    That’s great. It’d be awesome if they started supporting mountain bike lifts to the top of the mountain and have runs from there.