Fairgale Album Launch this Saturday!

Local rockers Fairgale will be releasing their new album, Pillars at JAG Hotel on April 28th.

Doors at 8:30 and show stars at 9:30. You can purchase tickets for $15 at Fred’s Records, JAG Hotel, or from any member of the band.

“I think we made a record that we’re proud of and we can enjoy,” Drummer Brad Tuck shared with The Herald. “You just kind of hope that translates across the board and you might find a few people may like it as well. I guess you can’t make a record trying to make a record for somebody else, because then you’re just guessing. Everybody likes different things anyways. You’ve just got to follow your heart.”

Check out our full interview with Fairgale on Pillars and much more, in stores and online now!

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