How this local author’s secret to style has her dressing like royalty

Author of local favourites like Operation Wormwood, The Reckoning, and her blog-turned-book I’m Funny Like That, Helen C. Escott is a local literary treasure. Aside from that, though, Helen has another side you wouldn’t see unless you knew right where to look.


If you do a quick Google search for Helen C. Escott you’ll find photos that fit the crime-writer aesthetic: a well-lit subject that stands apart from a dark and moody urban environment.

But once Escott steps off-set and signs on to social media, another style emerges. A style that’s dynamic, influential, and inspired by outfits inspired by ensembles fashioned for the most glamorous among us.


Escott’s Instagram hosts a social fashion blog where she promotes fashion-forward styles for women over 50. “There are so many rules for women this age,” Escott said. “Who cares about the herd.”

Aside from promoting her style-positive posts, she’s also a fan of fashionable frugality. By keeping her eye on global trendsetters, Escott’s fashion blog teaches others how to recreate and re-envision haute-couture ensembles and shop at a bargain.


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Escott’s got royal taste, too. Back in October of 2020, she committed a royal couture coup after seeing a photo of Queen Letizia of Spain wearing a shoulderless, belted blue dress from one of Escott’s favourite fast-fashion brands. Better yet, she bought the same dress.

“Can you believe that,” Escott said, “I wore that to the Government House. It was like ten dollars and I was looking like the Queen of Spain!”

Having spent more time at home than usual since COVID-19 made us homebodies, Helen hopes that once normalcy is restored we have a period not unlike the roaring twenties when postwar recovery efforts contributed to an economic boom.

To go from an era of stress and seclusion to one captivated by new technology, electric light, and the good yet to come, seems like a well-deserved change of pace. As you’d say to someone in passing on the first sunny day after fog – “we’ve earned it.”


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