Fortunate Ones Return with New Album ‘That Was You And Me’

Award-winning folk duo Fortunate Ones – affectionally comprised of Andrew James O’Brien and Catherine Allan – have weathered personal and professional uncertainties to return with perhaps their most honest and realized effort yet in the form of their third studio album That Was You And Me. 

Composed in a time of true change both career-wise and globally, That Was You And Me finds the chemistry of the duo in full force, with raw and honest songwriting meeting a stripped down vulnerability and unquestioned talent.

“The pandemic was this ultimate kind of audit of life,” shared O’Brien in a sitdown with The Herald. “And then when I got down to it, we were able to focus on important life changes and just rest and self-care, getting back to each other. And that was the catalyst for all this kind of creative, almost like a personal, creative renaissance.”

Adds Allan, “One thing about having that extra time, because the majority of the songs were written pre-pandemic, we really got to like live inside them when we actually demoed them ourselves and bounce ideas back and forth with Josh (Van Tassel, producer). We really got to live them and it was such a good distraction and sort of therapeutic to really get inside those songs.”

‘That Was You And Me’ arrives on June 3rd. For more information on the album and touring information visit Stay tuned to The Herald for our full-length sit-down with Fortunate Ones. 

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