Glen Carter: Soldier Boy

The newsman and author shares his thoughts on his new book, Soldier Boy, plus offers a glimpse into what life is like when the interview tables are turned


Many know Glen Carter from the anchor desk at NTV News, but there’s much more to the man with the soothing, yet authoritative voice and the curious twinkle in his eye. 

While Carter adores his day job, he’s also a published author,  spinning creative yarns that expand the mind as they take readers on remarkable journeys far from the island he calls home sweet home

This is your third book following Angels of Maradona and Last Witness. Was the journey different this go ‘round?

Every journey is different when you’re writing a manuscript. Every new character and scene is another romp into the make-believe. 

Soldier Boy is, at its heart, a very different kind of novel than Last Witness and Angels of Maradona, in that there are elements of reincarnation, and the protagonist (Samuel Bolt) has extraordinary abilities that none of my other characters have brought to the table. He is a unique character, a real joy to get into trouble with.

The settings of your books are so exotic. The Vegas Strip is part of Soldier Boy’s story. How do you find your setting? 

The locating of characters is a natural process. They kind of gravitate to their surroundings. Vegas was a must for Samuel Bolt, because of his history and so it was a good fit, especially given his talent for ripping off casinos. Samuel is a Robin Hood kind of guy who otherwise has no interest in the spectacles of greed and sin in Las Vegas. 

Of course, the story pulls him east, to New England, and a destiny he could never have imagined.

I love the tag line; Reincarnation, Redemption and Revenge. Can you give potential readers a hint regarding the journey they will be on with this book?

Imagine having the best of life, rich in friends, love and all of it and it’s all snatched away by a murderous bastard


who was supposed to be your friend, and then 25 years later you’re a new man, literally, and you begin to discover how horribly betrayed you were in that past life. 

I’d want some serious payback, especially if the villain stole the love of your life in the bargain. 

Why write? What’s the draw?

I’ve always loved working with words, like an artist covers a canvas with paint or a musician who fills silence with the pluck of a string.

How has working with local publisher, Flanker, been? And what are you hearing from readers now that the book has been out for a while?  

The beauty of a local publisher is the relationships you build with people, face to face. Pick up a phone, meet for coffee, drop in to say hi, how are sales? It’s a more personal experience for an author. 

The thing I also love about being an author, is the reaction you get directly from readers, people you meet who say ‘hi Glen’, I loved the book, couldn’t put it down.  It’s really about hearing from readers, that’s the biggest joy I get from writing. 

Toni-Marie Wiseman interviewed you for this book for NTV First Editon. How was it being on that side of an interview for NTV? 

Funny thing about being a news anchor, and an author is being at the end of questions during book interviews, like this one. 

It’s a little weird being the subject and not the one doing the interview. Though, I do enjoy it.

Any feedback from your newsroom colleagues?

Everyone in the newsroom has been very supportive. Of course, being a three-time published author gives me a little more street cred when I edit their scripts.

What’s next? Are you working on the next book? Where is this journey taking you?  

There’s always an idea for another novel brewing. But I never talk about that. The less talking about works in progress, the better. 

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