Gonna be a Time!

Archie Andrews isn’t perhaps the first fellow one thinks of when it comes to romance, but seeing he lived his life in a love triangle of sorts, he’s perhaps the poster boy for those consumed at least with loving the idea of love. The red-headed, amicable comedic hero had a long-running sweet thing for both Betty and Veronica, and they certainly had a thing for him in return. But did you know Archie, considered the best selling comic of all time, also had another love, and that was for Newfoundland?

Romanc’n the rock

Archie Andrews and his pals came to this province in the summer of 1990. The reason? Veronica’s dad, wealthy businessman Mr. Lodge, was looking for a place to escape his allergies. 

In the popular Life with Archie series (No. 280, September 1990), Archie and crew visited L’Anse aux Meadows and Cabot Tower. They went fishing and had a camp out. Archie, Jughead and Dilton also interacted with Newfoundland women, and came to the conclusion that beyond all the beautiful scenery and history, perhaps the best discovery of all were all the amazing Newfoundland ladies.

It’s a known fact that we Newfoundland gals make the best catch. In an article titled ‘9 Reasons Why You Need A Girlfriend From Newfoundland in Your Life’, writer Stephanie Dunn wraps things up nicely by saying, “Everyone knows that Newfoundland girls are the best kind … They have the right mix between class and chill.” 

From setting a snare to baking a cake, she continued, Newfoundland women can do it all. Feel like going for a swim in a lake or climbing a rocky cliff face?

No problem. Want someone with the gift for gab? Got ya covered. Need someone who can’t be shaken or easily upset? Pick a Newfoundlander, because with our weather, we’re always good to go under any circumstances.  

Google the word ‘love’ and add ‘Newfoundland women’ and you’ll get a whole bunch of interesting click-on options. From Plenty of Fish to Tinder, there’s all kinds of possible ways to connect, but beyond all that swipe left (or is it right?) stuff, fact is Newfoundlanders make really awesome partners. 

The visiting Americans back in the day knew all this. In fact it’s estimated that between the ‘40s and 60s when the American bases were on the go, nearly 40,000 Newfoundland women married American servicemen. The old Harmon Air Force base, one study reported, was responsible for the largest numbers of hook-ups. 

NFLD lovebirds

In one sweet story captured by Heritage Newfoundland and Labrador, Michigan native Larry Smith married Ellen from Bonavista after finding her “standing knee-deep in a pile of dirty bedclothes” as he was transporting military laundry to the cleaners. Smith only landed in this province by accident, having been grounded due to bad weather on his way to Greenland. Meeting Ellen that one time was enough to convince him to settle down. The two lovebirds raised six children, and by all accounts, lived happily every after. How romantic! 

No mater if you’re already madly in love, or still on the lookout for ’the one,’ take heed! If you’re looking for romance, there’s always been and will always be a few saltwater joys to be discovered around these here parts and when you find that perfect Newfoundland born ’n’ bred match, all anyone, even red-headed comic book characters, will be saying is; there’s gonna be a time tonight!

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