I am far from a prime example of Earthly perfection – if such a thing even exists – but I do try to be kind. 

“If I can’t help, I won’t hurt,” is a long-held personal philosophy of mine, so is “kill them with kindness.” 

With few exceptions, a dispute with me will have me saying, “well, bless your heart” even if it’s through clenched teeth. I’ll resort to a comical retort before uttering something nasty, at the very least.  

busy being fabulous

I’m also the first to admit my flaws are many. I’m often much too busy being fabulous as I like to say – or busy being busy, as others claim – and those who could use a little more of me just being present, quiet and still don’t always get what they wish for. 

Also, much to the horror of my clean-freak kin, if cleanliness – as in freshly dusted surfaces and Pine-sol-clad hallways – are next to godliness, I’ll never, ever call Mount Olympus home. 

My purse is such a state that if any ne’er-do-well were to snatch it, they’d give up searching for valuables and return it to save themselves the hassle. You get the picture. 

Even though I’ve long accepted myself – and the flaws and fabulous that come with that – I also humbly admit I’ve been putting a lot of work into finding the best me over the years. 

I’ve always been a person of great faith, but I also believe in the power of positive thinking and manifestation. You know, be the person you want to attract and remove as much of the ‘haters gonna hate’ energy as you can if you plan on living your best life, and all that good stuff. 

personal goals

Combining peaceful religious conviction with uplifting self-help strategies can help achieve personal goals. Focusing thoughts upon any desired outcome makes sense to me, and so all that law of attraction stuff has been helpful.

When I turned 50, I was reminded that it’s highly likely that I’ve lived longer than I’m going to. That was an eye opener. So was the realization that the dash that exists between our birth year and our death year is where all the important stuff happens and so I’ve made a commitment to live that dash and to follow my dreams and to ask for what I want  because no one else will. 

Why does all this matter as we head into Christmas and the new year? Well, being at peace with the things out of our control helps. 

Accepting God’s plan adds peace, but there are things we have control over too. I’ve all but eliminated the doubters and the bring-you-downers and the bullies from my life. My circle might be smaller, but it’s way more healthy for me.

‘I will attract’

While muttering “I will not chase, I will attract,” and “I am enough,” have been powerful and uplifting, so has focusing on my faith.  Matthew 15:11 reminds me to be kind; “It’s not what goes into your mouth that defiles you; you are defiled by the words that come out of your mouth,” will never lead  me astray.  

Often the missing puzzle piece at Christmas as we search the stores for that perfect present is the knowledge that the best gift to give and receive costs so little. That gift is kindness and love. 

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