Happy Halloween!

In honour of the robust movie industry in Newfoundland The Herald recreates Peter Pan, baby style! Meet our Halloween models! 


There’s so much fun to be had while playing dress-up, but when you just happen to be putting on costumes for a possible cover of The Newfoundland Herald at Halloween time, then the joy is turned up quite a bit. But these kids are superstars and this isn’t the first Herald cover for Rory Balsom and his friend Noah Pittman. The two buddies have been previous Herald Baby contest winners (Balsom 2020, Pittman 2021). 

‘on the truck’

Samantha Balsam is Rory’s mom and she brought Rory’s little sister, six month-old Raegan, along as well. Friend of the family, Georgina Cooper, enthusiastically created the costumes for both children and ‘Tinkerbell” and “Captain Hook” captivated all! We ask what Rory plans to be this Halloween. 

“Rory is going to be a garbage man. He’s a big fan of garbage collectors here in Clarenville. Every Monday, he’s out at the garbage truck and he loves it. Cordell (on the truck) is really good to him. He takes him up on a garbage truck and Rory is always bringing new treats and stuff to Cordell when it’s garbage day.” 

Kerri Pittman of Mount Pearl is mom to Noah, our Peter Pan. At 20 months, Noah is a “happy, funny, energetic social butterfly who loves to learn and enjoys everything active and outdoors,” his mom shared. 

For his Halloween costume, Noah will be a policeman like his uncle. The family’s two dogs will also be dressed up as Jailbirds. Noah’s most desired Halloween treat this year is goldfish, a snack he frequently tries to “steal from the pantry,” according to mom.

love & support

All three children have many places to visit to get treats this year. Noah, who lost his dad John before he was born, has a wonderful group of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who love and support him. His 92 year old great grandmother Ivany  can’t wait for him to drop by for his special treats.

A huge thank you to these happy children and their moms for participating in this fun photo shoot! 


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