Herald’s Q&A: Richard Marx

Grammy winner Richard Marx brings his talents to St. John’s celebrating more than the music


Richard Marx will perform a special set at the Delta in St. John’s on June 9th for an up-close and intimate concert, reception, dinner and auction, with 100 per cent of the profits going to local autism charities on behalf of the David and Krisztian Fund. 

The celebrated singer-songwriter caught up with the Herald to share his decades of expertise in the business, discussing giving back and gives fans a sneak peek of what’s in store this June. 

What does it mean to you to be headlining the 30th anniversary event for David Carver Music? Especially with the proceeds going to local autism charities.

I’ve been fortunate since the very start of my career to be invited and involved in all kinds of charity organizations. I’ve met some truly inspiring and amazing people. I’m looking forward to meeting more at this David Carver event. 

Your 30 plus year career has been immeasurably successful. What would you peg down as some of the secret to that success? You’re known for your tireless work ethic.

I inherited a strong work ethic from my father, yes. But in fairness I love my job so much it never feels like work. Well, some of it is a little bit work sometimes. There’s no “secret” to success. Success happens when opportunity and preparation collide. I’ve had some great opportunities present themselves. And I’ve also created some for myself. But when they appear I’m always ready to seize them. 

What is some advice you would pass down to those looking to break in to the music business?

Do it for the music. Do it because you have a deep need to create. Don’t do it because you just want to be famous. 

What is one thing you’ve learned during your time in the music business that you feel would be your biggest takeaway?

It took me far too long to learn this, but it’s the lesson that it’s ok to celebrate success. Big or small. I never really celebrated my big moments back in the heyday. But since I met my wife, Daisy a few years ago, she’s taught me to celebrate everything. And my life is now more fun than ever.

Any new material in the works or creative juices flowing?

Always working on new stuff. But yes, a new collection of songs are coming later this year. 

What can fans new and old expect from a Richard Marx live performance? 

It’s very interactive. It’s a party. I don’t take myself seriously at all. I’ve got lots of songs people know and some stories people seem to enjoy hearing. It’s as if I just had a huge group of people over to my house to hang out and play music. Really fun.

Tickets are available now for the full gala and select special show only tickets and can be purchased at davidcarvermusic.com

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