Herald’s Q&A: Tanya Tucker

As the country music legend prepares to head to this province, the Some Kind of Trouble singer with the raspy, sultry voice opens up to fans


Country legend Tanya Tucker captured the attention of the world with her breakout hit Delta Dawn at the age of 13 and has remained a staple  in the hearts and homes of country music fans ever since. Ahead of her NL visit, The Herald chats career and a love of this province with the female country outlaw. 

First off, we are thrilled you are coming to Newfoundland and Labrador. Welcome. 

 Oh I’ve been to Newfoundland, many times! I absolutely love the people, scenery and fresh air. I always enjoy getting off the bus and taking my dogs for a walk when we arrive. It’s just gorgeous.

We are proud of our Canadian province, home of welcoming Come From Aways. We would love to know if there’s anything you are looking forward to doing or seeing while here. 

 When I’m on the road, I don’t always get a lot of time to go sightseeing because we’re working and getting ready for the show. But I always make time when we’re in St. John’s. Cape Spear is absolutely breathtaking and George Street has so much culture! I can’t wait to come back.

You were 15 when Delta Dawn hit the charts – 1974, not to make math a huge part of this interview, but almost 50 years ago. Where in the world did your confidence come from at such a young age?

My dad always believed in me. He asked me when I was kid if I wanted to be just like everyone else or become an artist! Of course, I said I want to be like Loretta Lynn! So he always encouraged me to chase my dreams when I was young. I wanted to be a singer and tour the world at a young age. God has blessed me and I’m so thankful for it every day.

And do you still feel like that young, enthusiastic, beautiful young lady when you hit the stage?

 Some days more than others!

Your voice – so distinct and dare I say sexy? Did that gift of being and sounding different help or hurt throughout your career?

 Well you’re a doll for saying that! I don’t know. All I know is I tried to be different and not like everyone else. My dad always used to say I had two things going against me: I was a girl and I was young, so I had to put 100 times more feeling into every note.

I have to ask, this ‘bad girl’ of country image? How much of that was real? 

I’ve never been bad but some say I’m an outlaw! I’ve always done things my way and followed my gut. Sometimes that rubs people the wrong way, so oh well.

Your music has been a soundtrack to lives from Delta Dawn to Two Sparrows. Your thoughts?

 You’re so kind. My dream has always been to touch people’s lives with a song. If it makes me feel something, hopefully it makes you feel that emotion as well. I wouldn’t be doing this today if it weren’t for Delta Dawn. That song changed my life.

Your proudest achievement personally or professionally?  

My kids! Grayson, Presley and Layla are my everything and they’re all on their own musical journey and pursuing career paths in this industry.  

You are a super star, but whose music are you a fan of?  

Oh I love Waylon (Jennings), Willie (Nelson), Merle (Haggard), Loretta (Lynn) and Tammy (Wynette)! We’re losing our heroes every day and they paved the way for all of us.

Is there anything about Tanya Tucker you’d like Newfoundlanders to know? And what can fans expect when they finally get to see you on the Mile One stage?

I think everyone knows all there is about me! I can’t wait to get up there and give the fans a great show. We love y’all.

Tucker will appear May 14th at Mile One. For tickets visit mileonecentre.com  

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  1. Gail
    May 2, 2019

    Love love love Tanya Tucker cant wait to see her May 14/19

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