It’s All Downhill from here!

One west coast family embraces all Newfoundland and Labrador’s winter has to offer, heading to Marble Mountain every chance they get


Joy Drover, her husband Steve and their two kids, 14 year-old Will and 11 year-old Jack, spent a glorious day together at Marble Mountain, returning from the slopes shortly before we spoke.

Why did the family of four decide to spend a free PD day on the mountain instead of sleeping in and relaxing in their home in Pasadena?

Family skiing

Mom is quick to answer, saying, ‘‘Because it was an absolutely beautiful day to spend as a family skiing Marble Mountain.’’

Will, the oldest, has been skiing since the age of six, though he admits he wasn’t fussy, at least at first.

‘‘The better I got, the more I liked it,’’ he begins candidly.

Will, whose skill now matches his enthusiasm, has begun passing on his knowledge to the younger generation in his job as an assistance ski instructor. The talented young man who’s incredibly skilled at freestyle skiing, says being at Marble just makes him happy.

‘‘The sound of your skis hitting the snow after you land a jump is one of the best sounds in the world. The feeling of being in the air and flying toward a landing is so cool.’’

Jack also says he’s passionate about the sport. ‘‘I like that it’s something we all do together, and I’m getting good, though I find it hard to do the tricks sometimes. I’m working on that,’’ he says.

There’s plenty of time for that considering the family practically spends all their free time at Marble Mountain.

‘‘I thought that it was necessary to take advantage outdoor activity offered locally. From the first day the slopes open to campfires to the end-of-the-year Slush Cup, we’re there,’’ shares Joy.

‘Life changing’

  Will is quick to say that he’s ‘‘proud’’ of how well his mother, who only recently embraced the sport herself, is doing since putting on a set of skis.

‘‘She’s really impressing me,’’ he says, adding he’s always encouraging her to ‘‘keep at it.’’

For Will, skiing has become his calling. ‘‘I found my passion. Like in life, I’ve had a couple of bad falls before, but you just keep getting up. It’s been life changing for me. It gives me focus and it challenges me.’’

Jack, who openly admits he ‘‘keeps at it’’ and hopes to be as skilled as his older brother, says he’s loving life at Marble Mountain. ‘‘I love the jumps. When I hear we’re having snow I think, fresh powder!’’

Mom laughs. ‘‘Some kids think, ‘yes!  snow day!’ They think, ‘wicked! Day at the mountain!’’’

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