Jim Furlong: The Greatest Gift

Gifts come in many forms. Some are expensive. Some cost nothing. Sometimes it is the absence of something that can be a wonderful gift. I tell you that so I can tell you that Father’s Day is coming. I don’t know if I will actually see any of my sons that day. I expect I will, all other things being equal, but it won’t matter.  

Two of my boys might come up to supper if they aren’t working and the third guy who lives in Ottawa might call. 

Sad Story

You know, last week I ran into a friend of mine from many years ago who hasn’t actually laid eyes on his son in a decade. He isn’t even sure where his boy is these days. The last time he heard tell of him, his son was in Toronto with no contact between them. My friend said he wished his son would call for his wife’s sake more than his own. That is one of the saddest stories I know. 

This week, as I write this humble offering, one of my three boys took a week off work and went with his missus to visit his brother and his missus in Ottawa. Then they drove to Toronto for a concert and a couple of days of fun. The concert was Slayer, which I am told on good authority is a thrash metal group from the early ’80s (I had to ask). Then my boy who lives here in Newfoundland took the train to Montreal for a couple of days there. A good time had by all. My third boy, one of a twin, wasn’t involved in any this. He and his wife were both working through the week and making decent money.  

Good Lives Going

To recap, I have three sons. Two of them are a twin. The boys are all working at full-time jobs. They aren’t on drugs. They aren’t wanted by the police. They all pay their taxes. Now they all have settled in with good women to keep them on the straight and narrow. In the past few years they have been individually or together to Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica, France, Spain, Africa and a load of cities in Canada. In short, they have pretty good lives going. They want little from me these days. They might want to borrow a power drill or give me a call when their car won’t start, but they essentially are on their own and doing just fine. 

The Ultimate Gift

They might give me a new hose for the garden for Father’s Day. One of them might give me a nice bottle of Jameson whiskey. The son who lives in Ottawa will call… or perhaps none of that will happen. It won’t matter. They have already given me the ultimate gift you can give to a father. They turned out pretty good. They can look after themselves. In a world full of difficulties… I sleep like a baby. Thanks for that.

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