Jim Furlong: The New World Order

You know he fact that Brett Kavanaugh is now sitting as a Justice of the Supreme Court should come as no surprise to anyone. In the final analysis the case against him on sexual assault allegations was not strong. In fact you could drive a truck through the holes in it. There was much emotion and lots of politics but in the end no confirmation votes were moved and President Donald Trump slipped easily into billing Brett Kavanaugh as a victim of Democrat politics.

Bit of an Idiot

Kavanaugh himself turned to political mumbling in his confirmation testimony about “The Clintons” without any concern that a learned judge would appear to have a political bias. Now Judge Kavanaugh does appear to be a bit of an idiot. I mentioned that last week but that isn’t a disqualifying characteristic for the bench. In his testimony at his confirmation hearing he lashed out in all directions at those that questioned his right to the Supreme Court. Again that isn’t a disqualifying trait.

You know what surprised me? The protests against him. It wasn’t the uprising of the people against Kavanaugh, Trump and all things conservative. The rivers still ran to the sea. In fact the protests were a few hundred people and the liberal media falling all over themselves with “breaking news.”

President Trump said some of the protesters were paid but he is the same Donald Trump who said his inauguration was the biggest in history and the same Donald Trump who said he would build a wall on the Mexican border and the Mexicans would pay for it.

The truth of it all is that, even as we retch at Donald Trump and his vile ways, the American public don’t seem to share our outrage. I used to think that once the mid-term elections came the American people would see the error of their ways and tell Donald Trump he is “done like dinner.” Frankly that doesn’t appear to be the case.

People are Listening

He isn’t our cup of tea but Donald Trump seems to have struck, on some level, a chord that a lot of Americans seem to like. His words are words people want to hear. Unemployment is down. He is tough on immigration and tough on crime and tough on trade. He is an isolationist and blames the world for America’s troubles. Lots of people are listening to his message.

Now we know who he is. He has revealed himself in a number of ways. We know his attitude towards women. There is no need to go back over it all but his most recent skin crawling event was laughingly mocking Christine Blasey Ford, one of the accusers of Brett Kavanaugh. What is a bit surprising is that Donald Trump did that in front of a laughing audience of Republican supporters that showered him with cheers and applause. In other words what we see as repugnant behaviour is not being universally seen that way. It is a behaviour that seems to have found a home. We need to remember that.

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