Keeping the Dream Alive

Between August 23 and 25, the Burin Peninsula will be alive with the roaring and rumbling of hundreds of motorcycles riding for a good cause


It’s time once again for the fourth annual Route 210 Run. Starting at Smugglers Cove Roadhouse in Burin, The Run is a large 150 kilometre motorcycle rally that takes place on the Burin Peninsula. The ride is in support of the local chapter of the Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador.  

Helping the Autism Society

The goal of this year is to finance a new building for the Autism Society with kitchens, workshops and much more!

“We’re hoping to raise enough money this year to actually help them pay off the building,” said Smugglers Cove owner Mike Brennan. “They’ll have no debt, that is our goal this year. We need everyone to get on board and to help us make this happen, make it a reality for the area.”

The Run started with the Heritage Riders, a motorcycle club formed in 2004. 

In 2005, the daughter of the club president, Johanna Noseworthy, was killed in an accident. From then on the club, spearheaded by her father Reuben Noseworthy, hosted Johanna’s Ride the Boot every year in her memory. 

After Noseworthy decided to step down from his presidency of the club, the direction of the club fell on the shoulders of president Les Antle.

“From there, we started to focus more on our area and the issues in the area,” said Brennan. “One of the things that was problematic that came to the forefront was the Autism Society, our local chapter, who were trying to even get an office. From there, the club took on the task of helping financially. So we changed from Johanna’s Ride to The 210 Run.”

From dream to reality

Smugglers Cove Roadhouse is the home base of The 210 Run. Located in Burin, the Roadhouse was the brainchild of former Jiffy Cabs owner Tom Hollett.

“Smugglers Cove was put together by the visionary Tommy Hollett,” said Brennan. “And Tommy always wanted this Roadside Patio Bar and Grill. Same thing you see down in the Smoky Mountains or Appalachian Mountains. So he designed this whole property around a restaurant, a place where people on bikes would come and stuff like that. Smugglers Cove was a dream that Tom had. Unfortunately on our second ride, Tom was tragically killed. We hold this ride now in the memory of Tom.

“So now there’s new owners – myself and partners Paddy Kavanaugh and Clint Brewer, who is our main chef. We have taken on the task of keeping Tom Hollett’s dream alive,” said Brennan.

The Heritage Riders wouldn’t be able to do the things they do for their community without the hard working club members, according to Brennan, some of whom he wished to acknowledge for their support.

“This year we have a new leader of the club. We have a lady running our club,” said Brennan. 

“This is different, I can’t think of any riding club with both genders. The president is Krista Walsh, unanimously voted in. She leads the club through a woman’s perspective, which is good because they probably see things a little differently. Our main fundraising body, Gail Molloy, is like a get-it-done-right girl. Our secretary treasurer is Roxanne Pittman.

“We are fortunate that we are pretty open-minded towards all genders. The vice president of our club is Craig Stapleton. Craig is a solid guy, and he’s there to support the area. Craig, of course, grew up in the region, and we’re all from there locally, and we just want to make things happen.

“And thank you to Derrick Andrews,” added Brennan. “Derrick single-handedly went out and got sponsorships, and he was big part of raising all the prizes for us this year. He also started a poster program for the ride, and through that we basically made $9,000 profit just off the poster. So Derrick has been instrumental. We also have members who sell hundreds of tickets, and we wouldn’t be able to do this without them.”

Bigger and better

This year’s 210 Run is set to be bigger and better than ever. The community of Burin is loaded with accommodations for all attendees of the ride, as well as busing to take people to and from their hotels. 

“We’re very vigilant: Don’t drink and drive,” said Brennan. Festivities go from August 23 to 25. There are over $8,000 in prizes to give away over the course of the ride, as well as a brand new 2019 Harley-Davidson Street Bob motorcycle in military grey.

To donate, register, purchase raffle tickets or for a complete schedule of festivities visit 

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