Ken Tizzard to release ‘A Good Dog Is Lost’ on October 13th

Ken Tizzard is paying homage to his musical hero, and doing so with an 11-song collection of songs dedicated to The Man of A Thousand Songs himself, Ron Hynes.

Tizzard is set to release the collection with a special performance at The Ship Pub in St. John’s on October 13th, packed by a full band and special guests.

A Good Dog Is Lost is a musical labour of love, one crafted with passion, patience and immense skill. To be released November 6th, 2018 it features singer/songwriter Ken Tizzard offering fresh versions of 11 songs written by the late great Ron Hynes, the Newfoundland folk songsmith who passed away in 2015, but whose deep and rich catalogue lives on.

Now based in Campbellford, Ontario, Ken Tizzard was born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland, a locale that retains a huge place in his heart and soul. As does the work of Ron Hynes, an artist who became both a friend and songwriting mentor for Tizzard.

Ken remains very active on many different musical fronts. The Watchmen continue to occasionally perform large concerts, he works on co-writing musicals and booking shows at Westben, and as head of independent label Booth Street Records, he produces and releases albums by such area artists as Brian Finley, Muddy Hack, Ontario Kelly and Carvan Haylan, Elly Kelly, and Jane archer and the Reactionaries.

For now, his focus is on A Good Dog Is Lost and his passionate advocacy for the songwriting genius of Ron Hynes. “People should know who he is, and that is one of the reasons I wanted to do this record,” Tizzard states. ” As much recognition as Ron got on the East Coast, I do feel he was over looked by a lot of other communities. When I played the Philly Folk fest, I asked the audience if they’d heard of him, and few had.”

For more on the album and Tizzard visit his official website here.

*Release Information and Bio Courtesy of Ken Tizzard

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