Lindsay Anne Delaney

Celebrity and fashion photographer Lindsay Anne Delaney
is living her dream one photograph at a time


By: Jason Sheppard


  • Originally published January 30th, 2022

Lindsay Anne Delaney’s passion for photography has long been a part of her identity. In high school, she was that young woman who constantly carried a disposable camera, taking pictures of everybody. Much of her inspiration, she says, developed from leafing through fashion and pop-culture magazines. 

“When I was a kid, I was obsessed with those,” Delaney tells The Herald. “I was a huge fan of New Kids on the Block. Looking at the different stylistic things they would wear during a shoot sparked my interest into what went into a photo.”

Delaney lived in Stephenville until her father moved the family to Alberta, where he obtained his PhD in educational leadership. In Edmonton, she was exposed to big city life at a young age. 

“I knew I wanted more,” Delaney said, setting her sights on bigger cities with bigger opportunities. After a stint working on George Street, Delaney moved to Boston, enrolling in the New England School of Photography.


Gaining experience 

“My mother had an interesting reaction to that, because my sister moved to England a week later,” shared Delaney. “She had two different children in two different countries in a matter of a week.” 

When she completed her studies in Boston she returned home to Stephenville, enrolling in College of the North Atlantic’s now dissolved Visual Arts program. From there Delaney was awarded a scholarship to Halifax’s Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in photography. Her experience in this program helped evolve Delaney’s influences, as well as her art. “I’ve been a huge Warhol and Basquiat fan for a long time,” she said. “I’ve always been obsessed with their work and their relationship. The aesthetics, colour, vibrancy and contrast have no doubt influenced my work.”

Delaney, a self-described “hustler,” has worked hard to find success in the Canadian fashion scene, valuing respect among colleagues as particularly important. She strives for a high standard of work and believes in encouraging individuals to be their best, sharing that, “If someone says something can’t be done, I say, ‘hey, I’ll make it happen.’”

Good vibes & energy

Delaney has shot a myriad of celebrities including Private Eyes stars Cyndi Sampson and Jason Priestley of Beverly Hills 90210 fame. A force to be reckoned with behind the camera and the editorial desk, Delaney is also luxury publication Preferred Magazine’s fashion editor. 

When asked what helps make a strong collaborator, Delaney suggests “Good vibes and good energy. Trust in the work’s process and you can’t force anything. And if you let that go, sometimes things will come up more beautiful than what you intended.”

With her position cemented in the industry, Delaney aims to ensure inclusivity and diversity play key roles. 

“When I was first sent out photo assisting, there was a stylist who told me I should be a producer because of my personality and because you don’t see very many thick fashion photographers in Canada. From then on, it was important for me to showcase inclusivity, in front of and behind the camera. You can do other things outside of what you should do and the box that people put you in.”

Delaney cites a recent documentary, The Remix: Hip Hop x Fashion, as being enlightening as well as inspiring. 

“It’s been a long time coming in terms of acknowledging the history of black culture and the influence they’ve had in fashion and in the music industry. As good as it has been to see increased diversity in campaigns, I personally believe that in order to elevate the fashion community we also need to ensure that diverse representation is found in all aspects of the industry, including positions of power. George Sully’s creation of Black Designers of Canada is a great example and it’s the beginning of what needs to be done moving forward to amplify BIPOC voices.”

‘A bucket list moment’

Some of Delaney’s recent projects include British Vogue, Vanity Fair, Living Luxe Magazine, Marquis Magazine and ET Canada. Her recent work in Vanity Fair and British Vogue was with RVNG, a vibrant new Canadian fashion brand. This year she also shot for New York Fashion Week. “If you look at every project I do, I organize everything, especially with editorials. I did a cover shoot for Vitalize Magazine featuring Kim Cloutier dressed in Mikhael Kale. Shooting in the lower bay station in the Toronto subway system is an experience I will never forget. Clearly, working with Brandon Walsh from 90210 (aka Jason Priestley) was a bucket list moment.”

Despite her hectic work and travel schedule, Delaney insists home is never far from her thoughts. 

“I bring Newfoundland everywhere in my heart and I bring it to every set. It’s my spirit and my energy. Newfoundlanders are known for making others feel welcome and being from there is one of the reasons why I’m successful. It’s a compass that’s set with me every single day.”



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