Love is in the Heir

When Royal family members make the move to Canada, choosing love and peace over paparazzi, the eyes of the world suddenly focus much closer to home


Prince Charles and Princess Diana came to Newfoundland in 1983 to celebrate the province’s 400th anniversary. It was love for both the royal family and islanders alike, instantaneously.

Married just two years prior, Diana and Charles presented the perfect pair. He, the man who would be king, and she, the people’s princess and the queen of our hearts, shone as they made their way through their many scheduled events.

Then Premier Brian Peckford presented the glowing princess with gifts, which included a snowsuit for Prince William, then their only heir, and matching coats for the Prince and Princess.

When Prince Charles spoke, he eloquently thanked the people of Newfoundland for their generosity and kindness, commenting on the gifts, and how his ‘‘small son’’ would no doubt fit snugly in his new parka and how he and his wife would make ‘‘a good team’’ in their matching jackets.

Fairytale tragedy

The Prince of Wales also commented on how fitting it was that a school honouring his title was in this very province. Watching the footage from the archives, it’s captivating to see how in love the then almost newlyweds and new parents were.

As we know all too well, that fairy tale ended tragically for Diana. However one thing both Charles and Diana seemed to embrace even then, and certainly Charles took over the reins on, was raising both their first born William, and their youngest, Harry, with love, honour, and integrity.

A young father himself now to his son Archie with Meghan Markle, Harry has shown both guts and gallantry as he and his young family enter the next stage of their life in Canada.

Inward thinking

While no doubt their reasons for making a royal family exit, stage left – or north, as the case may be – were personal, there’s also no question it was one the prince had to do much inward thinking on.

Another thing there’s little doubt on? Having the Duke and Duchess of Sussex move to Canada is incredibly good  not only for our collective egos but also for the country at large.

As if to prove they were prepared to put down roots, and lovingly embrace this country they will soon call home, Harry and Meghan demonstrated they were supporting Canadian mental health initiatives, dedicating their Instagram story to Bell Let’s Talk.

“We are so happy to be supporting Bell’s mental health campaign,” Meghan and Harry wrote, including a collage of photos featuring people encouraging kindness. They completed the note with a Canadian flag. Mental health is a close to the royal brothers and their wives.

Prince William and Kate Middleton along with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle worked on a Their Heads Together initiative that helped make mental health discussions more mainstream, and the foursome have lent their support to Shout, an affiliate of Crisis Text Line in the U.K. that offers free, confidential mental health support via text.

With the Royal Canadian move, there’s little question this province will eventually play host to the Duke and Duchess, and, like Newfoundlanders once welcomed and embraced Diana and Charles, we’re sure to open our arms wide to Harry, Meghan, and of course, baby Archie.

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