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The Newfoundland Herald talks with Jamie McCabe, owner and operator of Clay Cafe, about creating the perfect keepsake as Mother’s Day approaches


“It’s not about creating the perfect piece, it’s about creating the perfect memory,” Jamie McCabe was sure to emphasize when asked about her business motto. Located in Mount Pearl, Clay Cafe is a fantastic place for friends and family alike to gather together to create, share, and make incredible memories.

Creative or Not 

Whether you consider yourself creative or not, there’s something there for everyone. With the business based on painting your own custom piece of pottery, from mugs to plates, fun figurines to home decor, Clay Cafe also offers an array of events, parties, and art oriented camps and classes. 

“I always say, it says it’s a paint your own pottery studio, but it’s so much more than that. You can go there and create glass, canvas, pottery wheel classes. There’s bridal showers, birthday parties, there’s parent and child classes, there’s workshops. We sold out of three “naughty pottery” nights, which is just like saucy words on pottery, so that was fun,” McCabe, owner and operator of Clay Cafe Avalon, shared with The Newfoundland Herald.  

“Coming up with all those ideas, it’s super fun. We try to encompass all things that are art, creative, and fun, just to get people away from their phones and hanging out. In a world where you’re so connected to everybody and everything, you’re probably in an era of being the most disconnected. So, Clay Cafe, that’s kind of our vision, getting back to making connections.”

A Space for Everyone 

McCabe first begun her journey with Clay Cafe back in December of 2008, with the original Cafe opening up on Commonwealth Avenue. Flying solo, with a little help from her husband who also attended training, her business with the studio took off. McCabe has made it a valuable mission to ensure that her space is for everyone. All walks of life are welcomed, and encouraged, to come explore their creative side.

“My husband, one of his best friends is in the military and he’s a really rough and rugged guy. His wife use to bring him here all of the time, and he would be like; okay, so I might have a problem now, I might be addicted. It’s the greatest thing,” she laughs. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

A stigma surrounds art, not only in Newfoundland, but across the globe. Many believe that art is only suitable for certain people, that you need to be extraordinarily talented, or that art makes you less tough, and more sensitive, but this could not be farther from the truth. McCabe is set on breaking down those barriers. 

“Let’s break the stigma. Boys can like “girl things”, and girls can like “boy things”, that’s it, that’s all there is to it. We always say it’s about painting the perfect memory, and we hope that kind of eases the stigma,” McCabe explains.

“We have all kinds of tools here like stamps and stencils, carbon paper to trace things on, so there’s lots of stuff to help them with that creativity. We also always say that a dog doesn’t have to be brown, it can be blue. It’s funny to see people who will come in and their kids will say “I’m gonna paint my dog blue”, and they’re like, “but dogs are brown!” Don’t squash the creativity! What if Picasso’s mom fixed his pieces? Just be creative. It’s art, you can’t make a mistake.”

It’s no doubt that Clay Cafe is the prime location with Mother’s Day just around the corner. Whether you come by to create a truly unique and special gift, or bring your mother, or wife, down for a Paint Your Own Pottery date night, it’s sure to create some everlasting memories.

Clay Cafe Avalon will be holding a Mother’s Day Canvas Painting Night on Wednesday, May 9 at 6:30 PM. Head over to their website in order to reserve a spot for you and your mom, as spots are limited!

Visit Clay Cafe online at for hours of operation and upcoming activities, or stop by their location at 961 Topsail Road in Mount Pearl.

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