Made Right Here: Massage Ninja

NL’s own Massage Ninja’ hits the road, taking his skills right where they’re needed


It had been a rough week.  A massage was just what the doctor ordered. Stephen Crewe and his mobile massage studio, the only one of its kind in the city, was ready, willing and able.

The idea for a massage clinic on wheels was born after a conversation with a friend. “A doctor friend of mine mentioned it would be a great idea, particularly for seniors with limited mobility or for anyone with a busy and hectic schedule,” he begins. 

Not everyone drives, or likes to get out, particularly in the winter, he adds. “That’s when I had the idea to put the table inside a van. I just put two and two together.” 

As this writer can testify; besides being convenient, the atmosphere is soothing. “There’s lots of room. Everything that’s needed is inside. People just don’t know that they can actually order a massage to their door. Anywhere there’s a flat place for me to park, I can be there.”

The feedback he’s received from clients has been positive, he shares enthusiastically. 

Recharging batteries 

“A lot of people like the convenience, that they don’t need to leave home or office. They walk right back into their house or their place of employment afterwards.” 

From tension headaches to shoulder aches and pains to just wanting to relax; the Massage Ninja can be there with a phone call. “Often, it’s like recharging the batteries in ourselves. We all need to give ourselves TLC,” he says sincerely. 

Crewe also does road trips, literally taking his mobile clinic on the road around the island. We ask where his company name came from. Crewe laughs; “My background is martial arts,” he shares.

His buddies started the nickname ‘Massage Ninja’ and it stuck. Crewe says his main message is that anyone who needs hands-on care can get it, right to their door. “It’s a needed service, with an added bonus of convenience. I hope folks check it out.”

For more visit Massage Ninja on Facebook  or call (709) 765-9585

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