Massive All Ages Rock Show Hits St. John’s this Weekend!

Valhalla Tavern, Heavy NFLD, Music NL, and Dead Issue are teaming up with some of the best musical acts in St. John’s for an electric injection into this province’s all ages concert scene.

10 local bands, ranging from metal, punk, hardcore, hard rock and alternative music disciplines will take to Valhalla Tavern on Sunday March 25th for six hours and change of epic music. Each band will have a 30 minute set, with an open kitchen on hand for hungry patrons and plenty of merchandise to support the local artists.

Best of all, this all ages ripper is completely free.

“I started out in music going to all ages shows,” says Valhalla’s Chris Carter in a statement to The Herald.”It inspired me to pick up an instrument and kept me out of trouble in my youth. Now, as an adult and father to teenagers, I’m seeing how critical it is for the development of the music community to have a youth movement. We need kids playing music, we need them to be inspired. So here’s the first move towards a brighter future. One amazing rock show featuring the best this city has to offer..and it’s free.”

A complete list of the bands signed to appear include:

Ascend The Throne
King Riot
The Skeats
The Birchmen
The Combine
Smoke Signals
Ethan Cretin and the Hidden Pistols

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