Meet Mose the Mummer

A former Bell Island native is getting creative in the real estate business in Fort Saskatchewan, asking each homeowner proudly; ‘‘Any Mummers ‘Loud in?’


Kristy Brien, a real estate agent with RE/MAX, moved from her Bell Island home to Alberta six years ago with her military husband. First posted to Wainwright, Brien began a real estate course there, saying it was something she always wanted to do.

Standing out

It’s been the right choice so far, she offers. “I love everything about real estate and the fact I can still incorporate something from home makes it even better,’’ she begins. So, what exactly has she managed to incorporate from home into her very demanding job? A mummer names Mose.

She explains. “I’ve only been in real estate for about a year and I knew I had to be different because there is so much competition here and I didn’t grow up in this town so nobody knew me.’’

Knowing the area was flush with Newfoundlanders, she thought adding a touch of home might help. She picked up the mummer character at a local restaurant, The Atlantic Kitchen.

“It’s basically for anybody from the East Coast, like it has fish and chips and everything like that. They’re as close as you’re going to get to eating at home.’’ 

The eatery also sells knickknacks, including mummers. She picked one up as a business card holder. But things soon changed.

“I brought it everywhere with me. And next thing I was taking pictures of Mose around Fort Saskatchewan and bringing him to open houses. Then I found an app that actually moved the mouth of whatever you have so it looks like it’s talking. Then I thought, yeah, this could be something.’’

‘Pretty good fun’

She made her first video. At first, Mose just introduced open houses she was hosting, but before long, Mose was majorly on the move. 

He’s been to the Oscars, and is simply the mummer around town. Brien laughs. “It’s been pretty good fun, and everyone seems to enjoy them,’’ she says.

Mose and his movements can be followed by visiting Brien’s YouTube channel, Moving Mose Kristy Brien. 

Brien says it’s just fun staying connected to home, and getting into the creative process has been a great experience as well.

“I love creating the videos and coming up with the ideas. For the one I did of him at the Oscars, I put his face on different actors and actresses and I had to do some work with that, but thinking of an idea is most fun part.’’

We ask if she has a favourite video. She does. It’s one where Mose does a tour of their now hometown of Fort Saskatchewan.  

“Mose went back to visit his original home, The Atlantic Kitchen, and he started out with a full plate of food, but when he was done, the plate was empty. That was me eating of course, but it was fun to create. The best part, for me, is just imagining how someone else finds enjoyment out of something I have fun doing.’’

For more on Mose, visit, follow her on Facebook or visit her YouTube channel, Kristy Brien.

One thought on “Meet Mose the Mummer

  1. pat neary
    April 17, 2020

    Glad to see another Bell Islander doing good. The Bell Islanders are sure in the news lately with Myles Murphy and Harry Hibbs in the spot light. We may be small but mighty.

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