Miss Newfoundland & Labrador Tammy Snook

By: Jason Sheppard

For Tammy Snook, 2019 has been an exciting (and busy) year which has gone by way too fast


It has been an incredible, exciting and memorable past few months for 22-year-old Tammy Snook. Ever since Snook was crowned Miss Newfoundland & Labrador 2018-2019 last November, every day has presented her the chance to meet and inspire the people she loves to represent.

“It’s been hectic,” Snook shares of her year to The Newfoundland Herald. “Hectic, but exhilarating.”

Growing up in Harbour Breton, Snook considered herself a “goody two-shoes” when it came to school. Even now as a fifth-year university student, school and education is something she loves. One other thing Snook loved was growing up in a household which encouraged her to be true to herself and to her choices in life. 

“My parents always fostered creativity in my home so they allowed me to be my own person and I think that’s exactly why I am the person I am today.”

Snook was always a very social person and was enrolled in many different programs by her parents who encouraged her to be involved in social situations. She refers to herself as a “perfectionist” and is adamant that she doesn’t do anything unless she puts “110 per cent” into it, including trying out for Miss Newfoundland & Labrador

Friendship & Volunteering

Snook had met previous Miss NL Bridgette Abbott back in 2015. Snook who was in grade nine that year, attended a seminar hosted by Abbott. From there, the two bonded and kept in touch. When Snook graduated high school and moved to St. John’s in 2014 her interest in Miss NL began to take shape. 

“I got kind of intrigued when Bridgette won,” said Snook. With Abbott’s encouragement, Snook then applied. “At first I told Bridgette ‘I have no idea what any of this is about,’ but once she told me what it was, I knew it was something I wanted to get involved in.” 

It took her three attempts over three years but in November 2018, Snook won. 

Snook feels it’s important to be a good role model not only to others in the industry, but to the people of this province.“We’re all Newfoundlanders,” Snook insists. “This year, they thought I was the best fit to represent this province and I’m really grateful for that.”

Making her mark 

Snook insists that the title is only a part of who she is. “When I meet people, I try to make the distinction that they’re not just getting Miss Newfoundland & Labrador, they’re also getting Tammy Snook.” 

Snook realizes the history of the title and acknowledges that every Miss NL makes her own mark. 

Former Miss NL Mackenzie Dove is Snook’s life-long best friend. She is also in constant contact with Melanie Barnes, Amy Power and of course, Bridgette Abbott. Snook believes developing friendships is just as important if not more, than enjoying the title. 

Snook was also granted the title of Miss Fitness which characteristically, she gave 110 per cent to – even when she had to do push-ups on a chiropractor’s bed. “Which is very difficult by the way,” Snook adds with a laugh. 

She also won the title Miss Friendship – a designation which means a lot to her as the votes were not cast by a judges panel – but by her fellow peers. “That was really nice,” Snook recalls. “It was like winning the MVP award because everybody thought you were their best friend so that’s my favorite.” 

Snook is an avid volunteer within her community who gives her time to the Children’s Wish Foundation, the Commerce 20/20 Student Council at MUN and The Canadian Cancer Society. 

Snook says that volunteering is where the best opportunities come from. She’s also involved in a few local businesses Including Indigena Skincare and Island Cosmetics where she created a pink (her favorite color) palette. 

One activity Snook especially loves is speaking to young people. Organizations such as Sparks, Brownies and Girl Guides groups are quite meaningful to her. 

“I try to be the person I wish I had when I was their age. I’m trying to give young girls someone to look up to.” 

One of those young girls is Snook’s 16-year-old sister Madison who messages her big sister once a week to tell her how proud she is of her. 

“Miss Newfoundland & Labrador is a place where you can go and be yourself and you’re encouraged to be yourself.” Snook adds. To date, she has made around 180 appearances within the province as Miss NL and the genuine Tammy Snook has shown itself during every one.

“I am who I am. I’m social and loud and exciting. When I participated in the St. John’s Pride Parade, I think I was the loudest person on the street,” Snook laughs.

unapologetically you

Her year has been one of learning. “These past ten months has given me the opportunity to learn more about myself then I have in the past 22 years.” 

With Snook’s time as Miss Newfoundland & Labrador soon ending, she has enjoyed every moment and can take comfort in the thought that she was true to herself every single day. 

“Melanie Barnes taught me to be you, unapologetically,” Snook concludes. 

It’s a message Tammy Snook believes in so strongly, she had it engraved on the back of her ring.  

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