Pam Pardy-Ghent: Murky Waters

Did you hear about the gigantic skeleton that washed up on a Scottish beach during a storm not too long ago?

While some speculated it could be the remains of the enigmatic Loch Ness Monster, Nessie’s believed-to-be home base body of water was roughly 120 miles away making that improbable according to those in the know. Plus, there’s this highly publicized, though often debated, point: the most famous photo of the water creature ever taken, one with her swan-like head and elongated neck emerging from the water, is said to have been proven a hoax back in 1975.

But who’s to say what’s real down below the depths in murky waters? Who would have thought a giant squid was anything more than a figment of Capitan Nemo’s imagination yet there’s proof they exist on display at The Rooms.

Serpent-like critter

Monsters of all shapes and sizes have been reportedly seen in more bodies of water than Loch Ness, too. Ogopogo is the name put on one reported to live in the Okanagan Lake in British Columbia. I visited the area myself once hoping for a glimpse, camera eagerly at the ready. There was no sign of the serpent-like critter the day I visited, unfortunately, but it doesn’t mean nothing potentially sinister or serpent-like isn’t down there.

Newfoundlanders, not to be outdone of course,  have  Cressie, an eel-like lake monster said to reside in Crescent Lake  in Robert’s Arm, Notre Dame Bay. Multiple eye-witness accounts in different locations – too much a coincidence to be myth or make-believe, isn’t it? Just because Ogopogo didn’t pose for me that fall day or Cressie isn’t emerging for a scatter selfie doesn’t mean they ain’t so.

Which brings me to politics in this fine province of ours. Our premier’s gone and resigned, and few could blame him. Politics has become quite the racket over these past few years.

Premier Dwight Ball, in a classy, well-spoken manner, shared in a pre-taped video statement that it was time to bond more with family and friends. There’s no doubt that man will gleefully embrace the free time he will now be blessed with watching his granddaughter blossom and grow. Good for him.

A wild ride

It’s been a wild ride for the man some see as too much of a gentleman for this messy political hullabaloo. Of course, others hold a totally different opinion, and that’s alright, too. There’s certainly some who’ll holler; ‘don’t let the door hit ya..’ as he strolls out of Confederation Building.

Muskrat Falls overruns. Ed Martin’s resignation. Floor crossings. Resignations. Rate mitigation. Questionable hiring practices. There’s enough to keep inquiring political minds racing and every last tongue wagging for a while yet.

Scandals or social, whatever reason the current premier has for exiting stage right, it is what it is and done is done. No doubt, however,  many an inquiring mind will become saturated in dark, murky waters as they search to uncover salacious ‘got-yas,’ real or imagined, including, no doubt, those drawn to further examine the current habitat and skeletal remains of one enormous and long deceased giant squid.

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