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Glass Tiger talk capping off their Canada-wide tour in Newfoundland


An unlikely pairing on paper, Canadian classic rock stalwarts Glass Tiger and country music superstar Johnny Reid are set to kick off an extensive two month trek across the nation, concluding with a pair of shows here in Newfoundland and Labrador.

“It’s a fun place to kind of wrap things up and we’ll be in good spirits going across the country for 45 shows in 60 days,” says Glass Tiger’s Sam Reid. “I’m really looking forward to it. I have a lot of family in Newfoundland – my dad was from Grand Falls-Windsor. I’ve been inundated with requests from family either coming down to the show in Corner Brook or the show in St. John’s. I have a feeling I’m going to overload our guest list.”

Three Decades of Glass Tiger

No strangers to the island, the architects of such radio staples as Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone) and I’m Still Searching have brought their particular brand of rock to the island dozens of times over three decades, learning more than their fair share of what this place, and its people, have to offer.

“We’ve had a cross-section of experiences playing in Newfoundland. From the early 80s when the band just hit the market, we did a run through and it was exciting to go there for me. I grew up in Ontario, but I have all my brothers and sisters and I always wanted to have a chance to see Newfoundland and I remember in the 80s it was my first moment. Getting a chance to go there and be a band and play was exciting.

“The things that the people do, look after each other, just doesn’t happen in other parts of the world, let alone Canada. We got stuck at a ferry crossing going over to Fogo Island. 35 minutes later I not only know the person who is parked beside me, but I get invited to his daughter’s wedding. How does that happen? … It’s just so refreshing to meet people like that. If some of that would resonate around the world it would be a happier place.”

re-imagining the hits

Glass Tiger’s slot playing alongside Johnny Reid as he rolls his Revival Tour across Canada can largely be attributed to the collaboration between the artists on Glass Tiger’s new album 31. Reid lent his talents to produce the album, re-imaging a host of Tiger classics and presenting them in a new and innovative light. 

“We sat down around his kitchen table and we hammered out these songs that he loved so much,” Sam Reid explains. “It’s unbelievable how they can translate. From one artist it’s the best compliment in the world when they put their own take on it for these things that we kind of have stuck one way. That’s been the exciting part. The tour is just going to be an extension of the good vibes that happened when we had the chance to work with him.”

And what does Reid and his bandmates think of the re-tooled tracks?

“It’s morphed to me,” he admits “When we first went to his house in Nashville after Alan talked with Johnny. Alan, unfortunately, suffered a stroke a few years back and had a really good recovery. Johnny said to Alan that you got your health, you got your brotherhood and you missed your 30th. Let’s do something fun.

“The one thing he asked us was just to have an open mind, which is really difficult when you spend 30 years playing a song one way. He grabbed one of his guitars and he took a song like Someday, Thin Red Line or My Town. A song like Someday took a bit of a gospel turn on us. Thin Red Line, I couldn’t get my head around it … He would just blow our mind taking it in a different direction.”

At the urging of Johnny Reid, Glass Tiger signed on to accompany him on the Revival Tour, where fans will get a taste of the collaboration first hand across Canada.

“We’re embedded in the show,” Sam Reid says. “We come out and join Johnny’s band for a few songs. It’s really a thank you to Johnny for producing a wonderful record. It gives us an opportunity to go out and promote the record coast to coast. But we’ll come back and do a full-on Glass Tiger rock show in Newfoundland anytime.”

Tickets to Johnny Reid with special guests Glass Tiger April 23rd at the Corner Brook Civic Centre and April 24 at Mile One Centre in St. John’s available now. For more visit

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