Music Spotlight: Robyn Slade

Gander’s own Robyn Slade is turning heads with her debut single ‘Saviour,’ which indicates a wealth of potential for the promising fifteen year old.


Think back to when you were 15 years old. What were you doing? Was it productive, modestly impressive, incredibly lazy? Gander’s own Robyn Slade just so happens to have a budding musical career, successful music video and heaps of promise and potential to her credit, and she has yet to crack her 16th birthday.

Slade recently released her debut music video and single Saviour. Written by Shawn Wiseman, one half of notable Newfoundland duo The Wiseman Brothers, Saviour is a blues/gospel/country rock fusion that accentuates the up-and-comers style perfectly, and one that screams of greater things to come for a musician that has barely begun to scratch the surface of her potential.

“It’s amazing,” Slade says of the support and positive reception surrounding Saviour in an interview with The Herald. “I love everyones support and comments. It’s what I love to do.”

Singing ‘Saviour’

Slade began taking singing lessons with Wiseman when she was just eight years old, and has continued to do so for the past seven years. She attributes much of her growth to the teachings  and tutelage of her dedicated mentor. When she was presented with Saviour, she jumped at the chance to make it her own. 

“I fell in love with him as a teacher and he’s an incredible musician and everything he does is amazing,” Slade says of Wiseman. “When I heard this song this summer it was amazing and I loved it and I wanted to sing it.”

More impressive still is the fact that the music video for Saviour was funded by an anonymous sponsor, one who realized Slade’s boundless potential and saw fit to contribute in a big way.

“I want to thank my anonymous sponsor who funded this whole project,” Slade says. “That was terrific and I’m very happy for the opportunity.

Moving forward, Slade’s schedule has already begun to fill up with more bookings, as interest has increased substantially since the release of Saviour. Her official Facebook account has hundreds of followers, while the official video for Saviour has thousands of views, with over 120 subscribers to her official YouTube account.

‘The Big Dream’

As for a bucket list and blueprint moving forward, it would be a bit too presumptuous for a 15 year old to have their future mapped out, but Slade does imagine her life moving forward would be filled with music. Best case scenario we’d be seeing Slade perform on The Voice. Blake Shelton, a longtime Judge of the reality competition series, is her idol after all.

“I’d like to do some more schedules with Shawn and keep that going. I’m scheduled for lots of gigs now, and I like to do those too,” she says. “The big dream for me is when I get older I’d like to audition for The Voice.”

It’s easy to see, but even at the age of 15 Slade has the drive and passion to make serious waves, if she so chooses. She’s staying humble early and just plans to let her passion and love of music carry her.

“I just love to sing and perform, it’s my passion in life,” she says. “I love reading all of the wonderful comments and knowing people enjoy my songs. Other than that I’m the same person that I’ve always been.”

We have no doubt that we’ll be hearing much more from this rising talent in the years to come. Keep your eye out, Herald readers.

For more on Robyn Slade visit her official Facebook page at Robyn Slade Music and check out ‘Saviour’ and her other videos on her YouTube channel RobynSladeMusic.


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